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please help me out guys, i want a good gaming open-back headphone i used to use gaming headsets and almost bought astro a40 yesterday but i wanted to see if there is anything better. And here i’m i have a soundblasterx g6 and i want to here footsteps and tell where they are. i play apex legends, r6s, overwatch, call of duty. it doesn’t need to have a mic i already have a mic with it’s stand plugged into my g6. my budget is 150$-200$.

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dt 880 600ohm are great for positional audio.

can the g6 power them? it says it can power 600 ohm but i don’t know for sure

i came to 3 headphones either, dt990 pro, dt880 pro/normal, or tyger. also please is there a deference between the 880 pro and normal version aside from removable cable? also i thought it was open-back but on the website it says semi-open! guide me to the best one please and thank you.

can verify, yes it can it just won’t have the best sound qualities from the headphone. The 880, 990, or tygr 300r will work just fine… since you play smaller fps… can also throw in 58x jubilee

thank you but i don’t know which one to pick i just want to know where the footsteps are coming from.
and if let’s say i want the 880 which version should i take? pro? normal? edition?.thank you so much.

Well there is no “best” choice… all of those will work they just sound very different. Example I wouldn’t recommend the dt 990 if you have treble intolerances as it’s incredibly bright. 58x is an all rounder that fits everywhere except large fps and is quite neutral, etc

Edition is the one that can come in 600 ohm and has the straight cable. Edition can come in solid black 600 ohm or standard… it’s purely aesthetic except the pads are a bit more rounded in black

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for anyone wondering i bought astro a40s with mixamp… i live in the middle east and everytime i find a good headphone it either won’t ship to me or it will double in price for shipping let alone the amp and dac i didn’t even know what to choose even if i could ship them. astro a40s (with mixamp otherwise it’s worthless) was the choice for me as i play alot of games competitively but i don’t play just one game and some times i play single player games and need bass to enjoy them and with astros i could adjust the EQ to fit my needs if i want to play fps i don’t want bass to be present as i want to hear footsteps…so it’s versatile and cheap compared to headphone+amp/dac… if you’re like me it’s the best route but if you’re in europe or usa there is better options yeah but it will require ALOT of hassle. and that’s that. Thank you everyone for helping especially Falenkor :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m also looking for gaming recommendations!

TYGR 300 R(out of stock though)
Beyerdynamic MMX300 gen 2 (attached mic).Fellow gamer here!
Both have outstanding imaging and soundstage and very comfy for long hours sessions!

Thank ya! I was hoping to find something from Amazon but not sure if that’s gonna be possible lol we just order everything from them

Edit: amazon has the MMX300 used “very good” for $250

Edit 2: awww man the MMX300 are closed back.

what games do you play?

Single player games! Playing Skyrim right now.

Will If you live in a place where there’s no problem for shipping then you’re set. I would say tyger 300r or DT 880 (600ohm) I heard those are the best if you play lots of different games they don’t lack anything that’s what I gathered from a month of searching and then can’t ship none of them.

Both are open-back