Headphones for gaming!

I just bought astro 40 With their mixamp and i want to sell the headset but keep the mixamp.
i don’t know what headphones it can power, my brother uses ATH M20x with astros mixamp and it works perfectly and it’s really good. Budget is $100-$150. i want a headphone that is easy to drive, comfortable, and can pinpoint footsteps, astro mixamp will power them.

That’s a bit of a tough one as that mixamp can only drive up to around 80-90 ohms of power…

would recommend trying to find the Tygr 300r and call it a day at that point… otherwise 58x jubilee if you prefer the more balanced sound approach… if you want extreme budget the ad700x works fine as does the shp9500 but not as good as the tygrs which are laser accurate

would you recommend the HD 599?

take a 598 over 599. 599 has too much in the bass region