Headphones for hunt showdown

Hey, I need good headphones for hunt I have 150-200 euro budget for it and I was thinking up to another 100 euro for the dac/amp. So up to 300 euro for both is okay. I don’t know much about headphones, all I know is hunt benefits from neutral sound headphones and I don’t mind open or closed back headphones. All I care is directional sound, hearing footsteps etc.

Competitive, I have comfortable headphones for personal enjoyment

(ex tf2 pro with 6k+ hours w/ 2400 mge elo last time i played)

i’d recommend just finding the comfiest thing around, having something you can wear to grind for 8+ hours is gonna matter more than something being slightly better for finding footsteps, which you can get at a lot of price points and not diving straight into 300 euro setups.

that being said - the default recommendations will be the dt 990, dt 880, tygr 300r, the he400se 2020, the akg kXXX series at your price point (different versions but similarly good properties)

for dac amp, i’d rec a combo unit for convenience instead of a stack as a stack will eat up most of your budget, as well as not be that relevant in specifically competitive gaming, maybe even go 2nd hand, fiio k5 pros go really cheap 2nd hand nowadays and would be perfect for this use case imo, it’s what i use currently (wouldn’t rec new)
if they have to be new : new fiio k3 dac/amp would still be in your price range (probably)

actually, this guide will be better after a quick google search

but some of the headphones will be a little older and obviously it can be harder to find headphones in europe, beyerdynamic headphones for example tend to be easier to find than hifiman products

After reading that guide and searching more, I decided that I will buy beyerdynamic dt 880 600ohm since it has more neutral sound compared to other beyerdynamic and 600ohm is the better version out of those 32,250,600 for sound quality. Now I need a dac/amp that supports 600ohm. Do you still think fiio k5 pro or fiio k3 is a good choice ?

i wouldn’t go for the 600ohm version it’ll be pretty hard to drive from an amp in this price range, the 600ohm and lesser models apparently can different greatly but i haven’t used an 880 personally so i couldn’t tell you whether it’s worth getting lesser ohm models (i doubt there’s that much of a difference honestly but you could always play it safe and go for the tygr 300r which is a very hyped pick, and what i’d personally go for)
k5 pro 2nd hand i’ve seen go around from anywhere from 90-150 euro, for 90 euro it’s a bargain if you can find it, for closer to 150 euro you can do better at that price
the newer version of the k3 would be good if you’re only willing to buy new, again depends on how flexible you are, for amps specifically though i’d recommend looking around on ebay, forums like this or headfi you can get some really good prices from people upgrading their amps due to being super into the hobby of collecting audio equipment

the DT800 600ohm is one of the best, but you would want a warmer amp to tame its treble peaks. perhaps check what used audio markets are around you so you can get something good at a friendlier price. an amp is the most important… you can add a DAC later on.