Headphones for PS5

I was going to buy a gaming headset, but then I saw z’s video about gaming audio aaand here I am. From his reviews I’m now looking at Yamaha HPH-MT5, are they worth it? My budget is $150. I need headphones that sound “realistic” so to speak. So that when you shoot a gun in a game, it really sounds like a gun (Battlefield for instance). But I also like playing RPG’s like Dark Souls, the Witcher. I need something with nice default audio, so that I can just plug it into my dualsense controller and play. I don’t want to buy any additional gear or adjust them with EQ etc.


Hello I don’t if you found anything as I just came across this post but i had the pc37x headphones from drop and sennheiser and they were the best “gaming headphones” i ever owned, but they have a new version out the pc38x and they are just improved overall.

You can get a dekoni pad swap for them and they only cost 170$ so not to much over your budget but still really worth the price.

Hope that helped

Hey, thanks for the reply. After I’d made this post I spent another week or two researching and in the end decided to get HD 58X. And I’m quite happy with them. I enjoy listening to music and playing on my PS5 with them