Headphones/headset mic for convos at work

My workplace is pretty lenient on media and I like to talk on discord sometimes. But my Bluetooth headphones have a hard time picking up my softer voice amoung the noise. But I don’t want to talk loud enough to bother others. I’m on the hunt for something I can use for those calls, that will allow me to talk softly and be a bit discreet.

most gaming headsets that have an adjustable mic could do the trick you just have to bring it up really close to your mouth (i mean 1-2 inchs) - you two major considerations are how the mic sound and the comfort level

Another solution would be to get a headphone/IEM + a small neck-mic you dont need something super fancy you just have to bring it up close and make sure its facing you , their pickup pattern is fairly short and should help you avoid most of the noise.

P.S if you are using discord/zoom or what ever other software, you can also set a noise gate (a DB threshold of what to pick up)

I was thinking of going the route of the boom pro and some IEMs. The problem with most of them is that they look pretty obvious. And I want to be somewhat discreet. Do you think using something such as a lav would work? I could get a slitter and use one with anything else.

a lav mic should work just fine personally im a fan of the Rode/deity, i use them at work (im a photographer) but that might be a bit overkill for you. A boom pro should also work and be a little more user friendly though it is a less discrete.

Both solutions should work just fine as long as you put them up close and control the volume

Bose qc series. They were made for this. They cancel ambient noise and point the mic at your mouth for you.

Read the specs.

I have used my MMX300 for conference calling at work and am using it at home.

Latest headphone i use at works are Sennheiser EPOS 660 for calls and teams calls.
They been pretty good for the last 18 months or so in use.

They advertise →
"EPOS AI™ for personal audio with superb call clarity, stereo sound and adaptive ANC. Enjoy a unique UC optimized solution with machine learning enhanced microphone performance. Certified for Microsoft Teams.

The headset is powered by EPOS AI™, a machine learning system that enables the headset to adapt to speech while studying the surrounding sound environment.".

They should learn the voice and filter the rest out or something fancy.
But they also sound pretty good with just casual music listening.

I have a pair of qc 35 II, they do not work for me because the amount of noise compared to my volume.

I’ll keep this in mind for another time. Think I’ll start with the lav idea first since it will be the cheapest to get going.

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