Headphones like K612?

Just tried these the other day for the first time, after having tried K702/712/553/371 already. I really like the dry/diffuse(NOT damped/dead), crisp, detailed, spacious(not too big!) treble on these, where all details are easy to hear, and easy to identify direction with. (Oh, and hey, bass is good, too!) My one complaint is that they are a bit too bright/shouty, as the graph may indeed reflect.

I suppose HD800S would be a further improvement/refinement on this type of sound, being another dynamic, and possibly the BEST variant of this sound. Any other phones(open/closed) with more of a treble detail & imaging focus like K612, above or below HD800S’s price…? AD700/900/1000X won’t do here.

Not a dynamic, but HE1000v2 looks promising:

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HD 600, scales well too. If that’s too analytical, you can just go with the HD 650.


You’re probably in the right direction with 800s/8xx for cheap if EQ’able.
While reading, I also thought about the Audio-Technica you mentioned - but I know the midrange tuning is pretty different on those models. The 5000 might have appeal. Arya. Which brings to source gear, I’m not sure what you’re running which will have impact. A spicy take: DT880 too much? Or T1/T1.2?

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The HD650 is a good pick, but I was thinking the Drop HD6xx might be an even better one, and it costs less.

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Oh, for sure. I just picked one up with a custom cans UK cable at a great price, the only part I don’t like is the shortage of replacement pads right now. I guess ebay is always an option.

Ah, these could both be what I’m looking for! Never heard Arya yet(or any HE1000), and I heard El 5000 at a store recently, but not in my home environment. Using Gungnir+3XP.

DT880 I mostly liked the sound of(not so much the stock pad comfort, nor the damping), though from memory I feel K612 displays a lot more detail, without any detectable damping. Maybe I should try 880 again, and get pads for it that don’t annoy the f outta me. From memory, I had no issue with 880 being too bright, unlike K612, 770, 990, 900, 700(a lot of potential here).

The T1’s I have no idea about, since I heard one ages ago.

These, I was not happy with the spatial/imaging ability of at all =p HD660, much moreso! Which I have now :slight_smile: Perhaps I could try 650/6XX again, though, on updated equipment.

They’re never going to be the answer to this question, but OG600 on good equipment is probably the best pick of the 6__ series.

Tricky, cause I’m pretty happy with the Beyer stock pads, I know they could be larger and oblong. My experiences rolling them (admittedly with suede) was comfy, but really destroyed their sound signature.

Based on your criteria though, I’d check for a T1/T1.2 - I keep waiting for one to come across at the right price myself. Not sure the fit is improved for you, but they do have angled drivers and their may be more distance to driver to help out.

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Are you EQ’ing the 600? Or what is your hardware?

I think there’s 3 problems with the 880/Beyer pads: the stiffness/firmness, being circular instead of ergonomic, and possibly the cross-sectional contour/profile of the pad in conjunction with the stiffness. The hilarious thing is, I don’t think I’ve tried pad swapping with any Beyer yet, but I have all of the Dekoni/Brainwavz/etc DT pads for all my other headphones lol. The NEW pads on DT900/700 are definitely much better, but possibly would have a terrible result if used on 770/880/990.

No, 600 does not let EQ touch it.
Been using it just very recently with an Aural Audition. Also happy to put it on OTL tube, even DarkVoice.

Some of that series attributes come powered off nearly anything (timbre, mid-focus, some air), but I think that low-end and treble performance really enlivens - and even spacing/separation breathes a little with better gear.

Again, it’s not your ultimate answer, but I think a lot of people would be surprised.

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You find the 650 too dark and/or bassy, for optimal treble detail, I assume?

For the genesis of this discussion, yes. The 600 talk was a tangent about the most to your target of these Senns. The differences aren’t CRAZY vast though. And you have 660s, correct?

660, yep. I had 600 for a solid 4 years, back on much worse hardware. Back in the Dark Ages.

I’m gonna try 880 600 ohm and K7XX.