Headphones like Koss KPH30i

I have a pair of Kph30i and absolutly love the sound. I sometimes even prefer it over ‘better’ headphones like DT1990 pro.
So I wanted to ask if anyone knows headphones that have a similar sound signature with just more detail.
They should also be rather easy to drive and easy to use outside since I mostly want to use them portable with my Fiio BTR5; that doesn’t mean that they should be as portable as the koss, just not something of the size as an LCD2 for example, Sennheiser 6xx size would still be fine.

Any recommendations?

what’s your budget?

Sony MDR-1AM2 might be up your alley.


<500€ don’t really have a budget

Definitely not, I had the Mdr 1A and sold them because I don’t like the sound anymore. The M2 aren’t that different.



That would be a great headphone, but the Nighthawk have more detail and treble in comparison. The Koss here have a huge mid and especially high bass bloat, with some midrange and a huge cut in the treble. The koss are quite dark in comparison to the Nighthawk imo, whereas the Nighthawk have more of a W sound signature. But still would be a great option.

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