Headphones recommendation for music production?

I’m currently looking at the Philips SHP9500 based on reviews. I was wondering if there are any other options (preferably open-back)?
My budget is $150 USD.

I’d see if you reach to:
Sennheiser HD560s
Sennheiser HD6xx
Sennheiser HD58x
Beyerdynamic Tygr…?
Hifiman HE-X4/400SE

What part of production do you mean (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)?

Would make sense to have some of the “studio default”-cans (for example: MDR-7506 or Sennheiser HD-600).

The other question is: How do you drive them? From some audiointerface, or do you have a Headphone Amp?

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I’ve used the HD560s and I like it for mastering.
As long as you pick something relatively neutral and linear (nothing crazy V-shaped) and take the time to learn those headphones, you can get away with using a lot as long as their is good detail retrieval. I think HD560s fit the bill for that (even if they have a truly annoying cable).

Sennheiser HD 560s

None of these are available in my country unfortunately. Moreover, they’re way over my budget.

I’m doing mostly mixing and mastering. I’m plugging my headphones straight into the computer so no audio interface or headphone amp.
The Sennheiser HD-600 is over my budget unfortunately (it’s around ~$390 USD).

Sony MDR 7506 is excellent for the price (100$), especially if you are working on vocals. i personally used them for a while (upgraded to the DT700 Pro x).
3 other decent options are:

  • Sennheiser HD560s like everyone said its really great for that kind of work
  • Mackie MC350 is currently 150$ (though, to be fair, I only personally heard the 450, but I’ve heard good things about the 350)
  • AKG 371, while they far from ideal they are fairly decent and revealing
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the ATK K361 or K362 are also supposed to be good as monitors, no?

I have the 361, its a great headphone but I wouldn’t recommend it for production, the 371 is better its a little more reveling with a cleaner bass

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perhaps that was what I was thinking of. :face_with_monocle: