Headphones similar to Brainwavz Alara?


My daily headphones have recently broke beyond repair (My own fault) and I am looking for something similar.

The headphone I had were Brainwavz Alara and I really liked them sound wise.

Since you cannot buy them anymore has anyone got any suggestions on something similar?


The Quad Era-1 would probably be the closest?


I read they have a different tuning but i will have a further look into them.

got any recommendations for I guess warm-neutral headphones?


What’s your budget? Open vs. Closed?

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Preferably open
probably upto £500

Any other preferences besides warmish neutral and open? Assuming based on currency indicated, that they’ll need to be available in the UK. Also, what amp/source will you be running them from?

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Not that I can think of.
I liked my HD650 but enjoyed the better low end on my Alara (probably with it being planar).
My source is a Fostex HP-A4-BL

Hmm…It may be possible to find something like a HEX V2, LCD-2 PF or Classic occasionally fall into that range if you don’t mind buying used and keeping an eye out for a good deal. I liked the Dan Clark Aeon Open X from Drop, but not sure how different it is from the Aeon Open RT, which would be in range. Not sure what availability looks like for you. These may be more warm than neutral than you’re looking for, but I’m blanking on much else in that range that would be on the warmer side of neutral.

Aeons might be a good shout.

I did try them shortly a year a go and seemed to like them

Thanks for the help!