Headphones that are fun and forgiving?

I’m in the market for a fun headphone to pair with my HD 560s, something that is warm bassy with smooth trebles, that makes poorly mixed songs more enjoyable to listen to. Meze 99 seems to be everyone’s number one choice, similar cans I can think of is the dt 177x and 700 pro x , if anyone has input please fill me in :slight_smile:

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The 99 is a great choice and a personal favorite, that being said what do you listen to? and whats you budget?

lot of 90s/2000s hip hop/ pop, with my hd 560s you can clearly tell they’re not mixed well at all, budget around <$500

Then ya the Meze 99 will do great with that kind of music and they run off pretty much anything
You also might want to pad swap them, its not a must but i personally think its a great upgrade (its real simple so dont sweat it), i recommend these

Some other option you might want to look at is the Harmonicdyne Zeus, very wide and warm and extremely comfy. I have both of them and they are some of my go-to headphones


I’ve heard good reviews on the Zeus, bit more expensive than the mezes but worth the upgrade?

i rarely say something is “better”, its different, they are both good and fun just in different ways. Start with the meze its a pretty safe bet, afterwards if you want you can maybe buy the Helios, the Zeus’s little brother, its not the same but its half the price and it gives you a taste of what the Zeus can do (you can buy it off amazon then return it, if you like it you can go straight for the Zeus)

I own the zeus and i have owned the meze 99 classics. It is hard to compare them directly, because the zeus is open and the meze is closed. So, if you want to hear loud and you need the isolation or if you want portable usr, i would go for the meze.

Soundwise i would say, that the zeus is superior. You get a much wider soundstage, more detail, better seperation and more treble (the zeus has a v-shaped sound signature).

Both are great fun cans. The meze has more bass and is really good for your prefered music.

So my main queations would be: Do you need a closed back? Would you like to spend the extra money to get the zeus?

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