Headphones that you think are ahead of its time

The title says it all and I am still learning about many things involving headphones. What headphones that comes to your mind that are old or retro but it is ahead of its time that it can be a current set of headphones being used here on this present day?


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Well… Pretty much every current dynamic design does not differ that much from predecessor - Beyerdynamic DT48.
If we’re talking specifically about looks then probably many Sennheisers, AKG’s like K240 Studio 600 Ohm

koss porta pro’s have been the same since like 1978 or something

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I’ve really been loving my R10 bass heavy, I would say it’s pretty ahead of it’s time and def still holds up today

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Would the Sennheiser HD600 count when it first came out?

what’s an R10?

Sony mdr r10 bass heavy

what did those cost new, M0N? pricing I’m seeing used are mind blowing…

They fetch a real high price used since they are fairly sought after. They were around 2.5 k new in 1989?

okay, so they’re crazy expensive no matter what. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have them because I actually got them when I was on a trip in Japan for work, they were excellent condition and I got them for around 350k yen, or around 3k usd (I think, can’t exactly recall)

yeh…I saw them start at 2000 Euro and go up from there when I Googled em.

'82 or '83 are when they came out

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I don’t even know if anyone sells those anymore.
I can’t find anything but reviews via google, and they aren’t on eBay

Most likely not, they started in 1989, and went until the late 90’s and I think there were only 2k made

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Thay asian guy with the massive stack of DAC and AMP stuck to his phone.