Headphones To Complement The HD 600s?

I have owned the HD 600s for so long. I recently also got a Darkvoice 336 and I am wowed at how much better I like the HD600s.

HOWEVER, The gaming aspect is lacking. I like gaming with the Darkvoice+HD 600, but man I want something more.
Something spacious, very well separating, quality bass though hopefully not crazy fatiguing, and something I can enjoy music/mixing/mastering with. I don’t mind as long as it’s not restricted and congested as the HD 600s.

To add to the mixing and mastering portion, it doesn’t need to be super accurate or analytical. I just need to be able to listen to my music from a different dimension. I already have monitors and the HD 600’s.

Lastly as a bonus, I would like to be able to use it with my Darkvoice. something that really bothers me about the Darkvoice is that I cannot get past 9:00 on the dial. It’s just too loud for the HD 600s. Now I’m thinking, I have all this power. It would be a shame if I couldn’t use it all.

The headphones that currently interest me are the Verum Ones, DT 880 600Ohm and the DT-1990. I’ve been told that people don’t like to support the Verum Ones due to some bad business practice but I don’t know what it is.

I want more spaaaaacious cans with quality bass that still compliment the HD 600s! GREAT FOR GAMING TOO.

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Honestly for what you are looking for, the 880 600 ohm and 1990 really do sound like very good picks here, would be more spacious, great for something neutral and revealing but still enjoyable especially on a tube, and pretty solid picks for studio work. Also game very well. Really think this is an easy pick

So tbh I wouldn’t recommend the verums here anyways because I don’t think they would fit what you are looking for, but people might be referring to bad QC (and also some potentially offensive statements from the verum guy lol). I don’t think the verums were that wide or spacious, nor would I personally say they would work well for studio use. They also would not sound good out of a darkvoice imo. They are solid for a warmer more meaty sounding planar but for what you are after it just doesn’t seem to fit well

I will say the warm sound and the design aesthetic attracted me to the Verum Ones.
It just looks like luxury if you know what I mean. Plus, people were saying that it had a performance well worth more than the price it was selling for.

If you had to choose between the DT 880 600 ohm and the DT 1990, which would you pick?

I personally wouldn’t agree with that, it’s good for the price but honestly finding a used lcd 2 pre fazor might be the play here if you wanted something like that but more technically capable, also takes better to the darkvoice (but still not ideal on the dv. Also similarly not good for studio use)

That’s a tough one, while I do think the 1990 is more technically capable, the signature and also the refinement of the 880 600 ohm is actually my preference here. I personally think it can scale better than the 1990 can and has a more refined sound, but the 1990 does end up being more detailed, larger stage with more accurate placement, although sharper and more bright neutral where the 880 600 feels more neutral. So honestly I might suggest you try out the 880 600 ohm and see what you think, and go from there

One last question, do you think the DarkVoice would do enough to tame out the brightness of the DT-1990?

Yes I do think the darkvoice will help reduce treble harshness and prominence to an extent

Thank you so much! You’ve been insanely helpful!

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