Headphones to use on computer with music, gaming and playing

There are 2headphones that cought my eye and they are both sennheiser, one is hd 58x jubilee and other is pc37x and i dont know which one to buy im from europe so if im using drop the prices are a little bit higher i mostly will be gaming with friends, playing with my bass, maybe some music editing. Any suggestions, opinions?

I would say the 58x would be better suited for that use case imo, but it wouldn’t have a mic so you would have to get a desktop mic or a modmic

If you were looking into something else, the DT880 250 or 600 ohm would also work pretty well for this use case

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Yeah but dt880 250 and 600 need a lot of power and i dont have a dac/amp only my computer hardware

Gotcha, well then the 58x would be the better choice imo

Why you don’t buy a Dac?
When is just use a Fio it is better as nothing.
I find is better when you use a Dac.You have choise good Headphone and it works some better with a Dac.
When you dont would use a Dac then is better you buy a Bayerdynamics DT 770,880,or 990 with 32 Ohm.So you can Put him every where Cell Phone ect …

A nice inexpensive all in one that’s pretty good is the fiio K5 pro, so that might be something to look into

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I also found akg k240 mk2 for not very expensive price, is it any good?

It’s alright, but I don’t think it’s on the same level of the 58x. I would say it’s a good pick if you plan to focus more on the music production side of things, but personally I would still recommend the 880 600 ohm or akg k371 if you wanted to go that route

Yes but not Dac is better he when is possible to get the 25-50 ohm version,i think.

Yes, I would only recommend the 880 250 or 600 ohm if he gets a dac, and I don’t think the lower ohm versions are worthwhile

Ok so i looked up dt 880 and i know im quite sensetive to highs so idk about dt 880 because people say they have very high highs

I also found he4xx and fidelio x2 can these be an option?

The 4xx is great imo but you would want to consider an amp as they might want a bit more power then your PC or phone could provide. Also might not be ideal for music editing

Regarding the x2’s, while they are comfy and easy to drive, I think the sound is somewhat a bass cannon that drowns out the mids, and overall not really refined. Some enjoy it, but I personally wouldn’t recommend it

Well i was looking for more bassy headphone just because i am sensitive to highs and I am a bass player, and closed headphones are out of the questions because the really drill your head in some time :smiley:

Personally I think the 58x would suit your needs well, but you could try the x2s if you wanted the most bass you could get without an amp and eq lol

For me at least the primary factor I look at for gaming with headphones is comfort.
I don’t have 58x’s, I do have a pair of 598’s here which is the same form factor, and they are OK comfort wise.
I currently use my AK7XX’s for gaming, just because I find them comfortable for extended periods, But I haven’t tried using them without amplification so I’m hesitant to recommend them over the Sennheisers.

The k7xx should be fine without an amp, so that could be a different option

Also the 58x and 598 are different in both build/comfort in sound

Your of course correct, I guess I just hadn’t really looked that closely. The issue I have the 598’s are the oval earpads the somewhat hard foam. I just can’t find a place on my head they feel comfortable for extended periods.
Is the 58x/6xx different in that regard?
People have different shaped heads so MMV.

Yeah the pads are different and they are a bit deeper as well. Have you tried working in the pads to soften up the foam?

I didn’t spend any time on it, they were my work headphones for a long time, but I only really listen intermittently at work, so it was never much of an issue.
I think I’m the only Software Engineer in the world who finds music distracting when coding.
I find the K7XX to be night and day comfort wise with the 598’s, and they get a lot of use for that reason alone.

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