Headphones upgrade/alternative to HD58X closed-back


I’m looking for upgrade/alternative to my HD58X but closed-back.
My price range is like +/- 350$

My sound source: audient id4 mk II

Music genre i listen to: almost everything but mostly electronic music.
I really like bass response like my HD58X thats why i looking for something simillar. For me 58x are solid all-rounder and want something like this but closed back.
I was thinking about IEM’s but put plans on hold.

Heard my friend’s DT770 PRO 250Ohm and i can’t describe it. They sound “weird” for me.
My other options i was looking for are: Monolith M1060C, Meze 99 Neo
Looking for suggestions and help!

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A lot depends on what you like listening to
Personally i like the Meze 99 Neo, they are “dark chocolate”, very rich flavors but you lose some detail, I personally have mine with Hybrid PU pads which for added comfort (the sound doesnt too much)

Another option might be the DT 700 Pro X, i havent heard the DT 770 250Ohm (heard the 80), but im assuming what you might find “weird” was the treble which in Beyerdynamic’s old line up was pretty harsh, the newer stuff like the 900 and 700 Pro X are much better

I think i will pass with bayers. I fell like their sound is not for me, but thanks for suggestion!

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No sweat, one thing to keep in mind is the amount of power you have to work with, The meze are easy to drive but other options may be a bit too power hungry ( like the T60RP which are great but need a fairly high amount of power)

I have the 58x and I went to the Fostex Ebony, that I really like very much. I consider the Fostex to be better in all fronts except that they are less natural but much more fun and enjoyable.

Now Drop have the Emu for 400$. This should be something similar to the Fostex, but I have not listen them or having read any review.

I would not say that the Fostex are like the 58X but better. They have very different sound signatures, but the Fostex are great for electronic, and they are a very good complement to the 58x. I think that the Emu has been mentioned as a good Fostex Ebony succesor

DCA Aeon Closed X
Focal Elegia

Do you have experience with other closed-backs?

Man there’s a whole plethora of awesome IEM’s at or around that price point that would technically destroy all Closed back HP’s :open_mouth::wink::+1:

If you’re in America, you may want to increase your budget to $380 and consider the Focal Elegia deal from Adorama.


The Elegia have funky tuning, no doubt. But they sound pretty damn good with EDM and electronica. The bass isn’t a constant stream of sub-bass; it stays in place. But when it hits, especially in EDM, it punches and slams HARD.

Don’t get the Meze 99 Neo. The layered tracks in your electronic mixes will get lost in the bleeding, boomy bass.

177x are like closed back super 58x imo

any examples?

I love Electro and 7hz Timeless is awesome with this genre maybe Mangird Tea too…I’ll add @nymz to this as he’s down with that genre and is better qualified to advise with sets in this price point :+1:

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Thanks for tagging. Hows 58X? Never heard it. Bassy?

Maybe not bassy, since they are an open back, but if you have any experience with the HD600, they are similar but with more bass, and slightly faster attack and decay, and less resolving and detail.

And hows the treble?

Treble is very relaxed on the 58x.

For a open back Sennheiser, the 58x is considered on the bassy side. If you compare with close back bass canons (Argons, Cascade, Fostex Ebony) then it doesn’t have bass.

In general, it has punch, bass is present when it need to be and make music pleasing, but it clearly lacks sub bass and rumble.

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Up to 350, my recs are Tea2 (which seems close to what you looking for) and Olina with tanya filters/dual stock.

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I ended up with moondrop aria elven maiden edition. Found deal for 70$ bucks with coupon so i thought this is pretty good deal. Imo, a good start point to get used to iem. Probably gonna buy another pair in the future so thanks for all suggestions :smiley:


Aria arived and they are pretty good (2 weeks usage)
The problem is my inner audio guy says to me “come on one more pair full size closed back” :sweat_smile:

Decided to strerch my budget to 800$ and buy once and for all. Also:

Bought sivga sv021 cuz of reviews and returned them. Piercing highs and vocals were muddy for me.
I’v tried akg k371 from my friend and wow they are pretty good at this price point. (thinking about buy them but not 100% sure)
DCA Aeon Closed X - with taxes to my country will cost me like 600+ $ :confused:
Focal Elegia - same situation, adorama doesn’t shipp to my country (PL) and in Poland they are like 600$
My other options: LCD2 closed, Denon AH-D5200, Denon AH-D7200, Fostex TH610
Maybe someone have experience with these options. What do you guys think?
I feel like there is hard to find something i want. Clear mids/vocal and nice punchy bass, unfortunately I can’t buy openback ones :disappointed_relieved:

I might be bias, because I went from the 58x to the Fostex Ebony, but they seem perfect for what you are looking for. I consider them to be an upgrade from the 58x, not a big one, but they are complementary.

The Ebonies are not on production right now, so I would say that you are on the right track with the Fostex TH 610 or the Denon. They are a very safe bet.

Big update :star_struck:
Maybe it will help someone who trying to get closed back upgrade from hd58x
Went for denon store and tried denon d5200. It was just wow, 1st time i heard really good vocals in closed back headphones. There is everything, bass vocal highs just wow for me. I know they are not that mid forward as hd58x but i really love this warm sound.
So i orderd them from amazon, as brand new. Today got them, but it was a problem cuz they were probably from return. I checked everything and there is only 1 small scratch on the wood cup and, it just came without foil. Everything was brand new and 100% working. I wrote to amazon support and negotiate discount -40% (i was shock to be honest) Bought them for like 430$ and after discount 286$
I’m really happy about them with this awesome price. Also i have normal 2 years warranty so if something happen i can return them :smiley:

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