Headphones vs TWS - ANC in public transport

I am asking for personal experience those who have tried both wireless headphones with ANC and true wireless earbuds with ANC in public transport. Is there, in your experience, advantage of one of these form factors in overall noise reduction in case of noisier means of transport (e.g. trams), or both ANC-equipped TWS and ANC-equipped wireless headphones will block more less the same amount of external noise?

From my experience its pretty close though i think i would give the slight edge in passive noise isolation to IEMs, just because, when you get the right tip its pretty much an ear plug so there is slightly less to isolate. When it comes to ANC i think Sony and apple are currently the kings, i own the sony wh-1000xm3, even though its 2, even though its older the ANC is amazing.


Thank you for your answer. Could you add, if you have any ANC vs noc-ANC device comparison? I mean, if you have used headphones or IEMS both with and without ANC and experienced better noise isolation thanks to ANC?

you can always turn off ANC but then what’s the point? there are much better headphones for those kind of price ranges. Personally i always perfer sound quality over ANC, if the music is loud enough and you have a good seal, you can barely hear anything as it is :smiley:

I only use my Sony headphone when i just actually silence - they do that pretty damn well.
Otherwise i have plenty of other headphones that i can enjoy listening, that isolate and drown out most noises.

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