Headset / IEM recommendation

yeah I know you are bored to get ask for recommendations everyday, but have a quiet different problem to present you this time, I am professional PUBG Mobile player so I need something easy to drive and with a mic, problem is, I live in Bolivia so is quite difficult to get something shipped to here, plus my budget is tigh (50$us), after watching and reading reviews, I found some options that are available here and hope you can help me choose from. I wsnt the one thst could give me the best competitive advatage over anything else.

Redragon Zeus H510
HyperX Cloud Stinger
KZ ZS10 Pro
KZ ZSX (a little but outside my price range)

If you got another option in mind in this price rangw, keep in mind that there is not too much availability here, so it has to be a very well now brand (Logitech, Razer, Corsair, Redragon) and when it comes to IEMs its prrtty much all about KZ, I found a store that has the popular BLON-03 but they were already out of stock

Hmmmm can you get a guideray gr-i? That’s a pretty solid iem with good imaging and staging, and also has a decent enough mic

The ZSX is a pretty solid iem that would be more forward and brighter leaning with sharp imaging, but the ZS10 Pro is pretty close in performance but a bit more relaxed in comparison (although still pretty forward)

I don’t seem to find any guideray here, when it comes to Chi-Fi the only brand with presence here is KZ, and I don’t want to order one since I order spinfits eartips and revonext qt2s back in february from aliexpress and yet they didnt arrive, seems like mail is only working for medicine and emergencies due to pandemic in my country.

Ah gotcha, in that case, the zs10 pro or zsx would be my picks for something high preforming for gaming

zs10 pro cost around 58$us and zsx around 75$us do you think its worth the difference?

Hmm that’s not worthwhile for the zsx, that should be almost the same price as the zs10 pro, in that case the zs10 pro would be a better value here as the zsx price is way too high

The zs10 pro is a bit less detailed than the zsx, and the zsx is a bit more refined, but they are pretty close overall tbh

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thanks for your help.

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