Headset Recommendation

Can anyon recommend a headset within the 200 dollar range that will not kill my ears like the PC 38x? The odd shape of the ear cups are crushing the back of my ears. I am looking for something with a built in mic, for lack of desk clutter. Not really a competitive gamer, just looking for something descent to game with and can listen to music, while also taking calls from my desk. Looking at the MH 751 currently.


If you don’t like the PC38x just get a standalone desktop mic and any good pair of headphones. If you really really want a headset mic, look at ModMic.

The Cooler master 751 is a good choice.
Also you can always just get a mod mic and put it on any headphone if want to use any headset you like

my brother in law has a headset from Logitech, I believe he spent around that budget for.

They’re aight for sound quality - better than I expected for a $200 gaming headset, but the thing that really stands out most about them is how comfortable they are! Also quite spacious in the ear cups, plenty of room.

The 751 or newer 600 series will fit well…

Highly encouraged if wanting better headphones

General purpose use gaming headsets. They arent too bad imo if he just wants a decent choice. Hes having the same issue i do with 38x in which the pad size is awful

Might be able to swing a used mmx300 as well in this price

What would you recommend that has comfort and I can use with a ModMic or Vmoda boom for an all in one chorded solution for around 150? These 38x’s are killing the back of my ears lol

Somehting like a philips shp9600 fits in that budget and is pretty good for gaming.
BTW a cheaper option might be to look at some replacement Pads if comfort is the only concern, i’d suggest going to the 38X’s post and checking

shp9500 or x2hr from phillips… can do 9600 if you have no intention to modify the shp9500… 9500 can be pad swapped every which way(either scrape the pads default adapters off and throw the original pads away or pay modhouse like $10 for some adapters that just pop on then get some new pads… changes the sound and comfort big time)

the modmic will drag that cost up quite a bit in comparison so $150 for all in one including the modmic is not very feasible imo least not in most cases… If were going modmics route I would say $150 for the headphone itself and a modmic cost on the side would be the more ideal of which case… depending on the source that its getting power from I would just say beyers like tygr 300r, sennheisers like 560s, 58x jubilee, or one of the 600 series, meze 99s might fit somewhere in there but honestly all of these have quite a different signature… so it would heavily depend on what sound your looking for, use case, if you have an amp or way to power more demanding sets of cans, that sort of thing… once you step it into dedicated mic or modmic it opens a lot of doors to the better headphones its just the initial setup costs are quite a bit. Theres a very large amount of cans at $200 range that will work fine for just regular use so it goes more on preference and sound

tried this already, there is none unfortunately… all pads have that very small design… its my largest gripe with them as they could have just used the wider pads of the regular sennheiser series 500 or 600 instead…

I got the Tygr 300 r and a mod mic. Gonna sell the PC 38x to make up some of the difference. Thanks for your help!

If you run into volume issues consider an amp dac or just the apple dongle which should fix it