Headsup about Behringer

Most people know Behringer. The yelow triangle with the… Speaker? Ear?

In my experience, they make stuff that is acceptable because it is cheap. Their audiointerfaces have drives that do not get in your way. Their (licensed?) preamps are good. Their mixers are plasticy (with less than sturdy knobs).

From time to time, I found two products either on an audio forum or while browsing around, that looked similar enough to the point where one must have copied the other. You don’t just randomly put your volume knob labeled in the same font with the same curve in the same less-than-ideal spot.

Now I find this:

TL;DR: Behringer is like China


Yea they are.
“Europe was not the right place for manufacturing”

Kinda hoping people would at least try not to buy “cloned” products and would save more money to buy the original manufactures products.
Even when it’s much more moneys, every one benefits. Except the “clone” company’s.

Like the video mentioned. Money is what count’s, specially in everyone’s own pocket.
Buy a cheap but decent and cloned music gear and next months loan cost’s or anything. Kids school’s and so on.
Or save like 4 months or more to the actual thing from OG manufactorer.
I am not saying don’t buy anything from China, would be nice to avoid the products that are clones and maybe those who made it.

I mean… I could see exceptions, like Sendy Aivas and all of it’s clones. Hell, I think I’ve seen the M570 drop as low as $200.

All exceptions leave room for clones and people will buy them, cause cheaper.
Clone company’s and owner groups will benefit from it and the OG takes the losses from a great product it all started.
Plus a normal consumer does not even know how to look the information or difference or does not even care. It’s only the money.