Hearing health concern

With almost 10 years off intensive music listening (at least 2 hours per day) i was a bit worried of the possible damages that i have done so i went to a specialist

Well its good but i have hyperacusis :man_shrugging:


Glad your hearing is OK.

Mine is not. I haven’t been to a specialist, but I know I have some hearing loss in both ears and have pretty severe tinnitus.

I turn 57 in May and have a lifetime of working in motorsports, playing in rock bands, going to rock shows and listening to headphones. I wish I had better protected my hearing when I was younger, but I didn’t start wearing quality plugs at work, shows and with my band until about nine years ago.

Too late now.

So, guys and girls, PLEASE protect your hearing. Resist the urge to crank that amp knob a little higher. Wear plugs every time you go to a live concert or are exposed to sustained loud noises like lawn mowers, chain saws, circular saws, leaf blowers.

If you’re an audiophile, you don’t want to lose any more frequencies than usual aging deteriorates. And you do not want tinnitus, regardless of your hobbies, job, life status. Imagine 100 cicadas in your ears 24/7/365. Truth.

Plug 'em, people! Public service announcement over.



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pretty much all my jobs have been operating/working near loud equipment.
hearing protection is/was usually a safety hazard, not supplied or unusable (basically impossible to put in earplugs in -50 windchill plus chance of frostbite for taking your gloves off lol).
the test wasn’t done in the best environment (a trailer getting knocked around by big wind gusts) but according to test results probably have some minor tinnitus and slightly below average hearing

This is no joke. I know I have documented my adventures with challenges regarding my hearing. Some things are out of your control - my unusually brutal bout with Cholesteatoma, for instance, and all of the nerve damage that caused - I could not have done anything about that.

Some things, though, I could have done better. Now I am left with a raging storm in my head that NEVER goes away. EVER. And believe me, you don’t want this. Just sayin, folks, do what you can to protect yourself, because once it’s gone it’s gone.

I used to suffer from Vertigo…but long story short…it turned out to be Anxiety/Panic Attacks…I did not know that it was not normal to be hyper self aware of my soroundings and ready to fight all the time.

I’m 26 with pretty severe hearing loss in my right ear along with Tinnitus in both and I can attest to this. It is NOT fun. My tinnitus is so bad, at times it keeps me up at night. 1k-3k is pretty harsh to me as well. Hearing is just so important and 15 year old me just didn’t see the importance.

Take care of your ears, people! And if you can, go see an audiologist. Usually a consultation isn’t too expensive and it could save you from permanent hearing loss in your later years.

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Just searched this is up and holy sh- does that look and sound scary.

It is. Beyond the pain, bleeding and all of that, to me the vertigo was the worst. That shit will wreck your life. I have it well managed now, but there is no real cure, so I still need to get scanned every 6 months to make sure it doesn’t get out of control again.

I definitely feel that, man. My wife has pretty bad Vertigo and it at times it has caused quite the inconvenience for her. Of course driving can sometimes be out of the question and even every day life is tough, I can only imagine what it must be like. Hearing loss for me has caused me a ton of headaches in my life but nothing as bad as vertigo.