Heavy metal and neo-folk listening

Was wondering if anyone could give a recommendation to headphones that excel in heavy metal listening and neofolk genera. (Neofolk, or “apocalyptic folk”, is a type of folk music that emerged from the post-industrial and post-punk scenes in the UK in the early 1980s. Instrumentally, neofolk may be entirely acoustic but can incorporate elements of industrial music such as noise and sampling. The mood of the genre is often very melancholic, lamenting the state of the world as it hurdles towards a perceived apocalypse.)

From what I gathered so far from youtubers it looks like headphones would excel in warmth, detail, deep bass, and is a closed back seem

Maybe wait for some more reviews of the new MEZE LIRIC as it seems that might fit your requirements :+1:

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will check the headphone out

May consider getting the Momentum 3 because I hear they have a lot of bass and a lot of detail over Type-C