HEk1000v2, stealth or Arya Organic

Right now Hifiman has open box HE1000v2 and the stealth open box for 1399. Torn between these 2 versions and waiting for Arya organic reviews. Really enjoy mids, clarity, naturalness and soundstage. Listening to 60s pop/rock, mod, two-tone, 80-90’s alternative and modern indie. What would you guys do

I tried them briefly at High End 2023. For me The Organic came out a clear top for its punchyness and bass presence. For the music I listen to it sounded a lot more engaging and fun. Due to the brevity and show situation I can’t comment on staging and naturalness. Vocals didn’t come across “wrong” to me on either. I’d suggest waiting for more reviews on the organic to get a better picture


Thank you!