Help a new guy decide on headphones mainly for immersion. $200-250

Hello everyone!

First post here so I am hopeful that you all can help me. I am completely new to decent audio setups as I just came from the first edition of the Playstation Gold wireless headsets. They recently started to die and so I have decided to treat myself with a new audio setup.

I would only be using this for gaming on my computer. I am looking for immersion when it comes to games. I mainly play RPGs (both single and MMO) and love to immerse myself and explore while listening to sounds around me an in-game music. If I do play an FPS, I want the sounds to help me feel like I am actually there on this giant battlefield. I love to listen to the soundtrack as I play.

I will admit sound positioning would be nice, as I do play the occasional FPS match with friends, but it is not as important as everything else mentioned above.

Given that I am new to all this, my budget would have to cover both headphones and an amp if needed. I have looked into the following open back headphones:

-Tygr 300 r (no amp needed, great reviews)
-DT 880 (I believe the 600 ohm needing a good amp would bring it out of my price range sadly)
-Pc38x (no amp needed and an included mic)
-HD560s (amp would take it out of price range as well I believe)

I could push the budget to $300 if needed, but would really prefer the $200-250 range.

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Since you have a very tight budget, I think that Tygr 300 R is your best bet.

To get a decent amp/dac you’d need at least 100 bucks to start off with, and headphones even worth considering would be in the 250 USD range, so you wold be looking at a 350 USD setup… which is out of your price range.

Tygr 300 R has very positive review, so I would pull the trigger if I was you

Thanks for the response! Quick question regarding the Tyger 300 R and Pc38x.

Do you believe the sound quality of the Tygr is worth the extra $30 ($80 with modmic) over the Pc38x with its included mic?

The Pc38x is getting great reviews but they are centered around competitive gaming. So if the Tygrs are better for my use case, I will get them. As long as the price difference is justified.

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To be completely honest, I am mainly active and up to date with the audiophile cans -
So I neither know too much about neither of the cans… except that the Tygr is getting some serious attention currently.

Just did a quick search and some Redditors found that the 38x beats the Tygr.

You can’t go wrong with neither. PC38x just seems like a better solution for long term (removable cable).

Headphones recommended for gaming usually have high treble for hearing footsteps easier. For example, DT990 which Ninja uses. For immersion, I recommend neutral headphones.

Tygr 300r still has Beyerdynamic’s treble (which means it’s elevated) but it’s nowhere as high as DT 990. It’s enjoyable and fairly neutral.

PC38X has way too much of 3k~5k. Personally, I don’t recommend it.

Tygr 300r is a really good pair of headphones.
HD58x is another one that I recommend. It doesn’t need an amp (although benefits from one), and a bit better than Tygr in term of imaging.

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