Help a noob with a budget setup

Hi! My ATH-m40x recently broke and I decided to upgrade a bit, so I picked the DT990 Pro 250ohm and when they arrived I started looking for amps and that’s where I discovered Zeos. Big mistake.

So for the past week I’ve been through the rabbit hole and willing to update my setup a bit but every video/post whatever bit of information I read leaves me more confused lol, so I’m looking for your expert help to advise me and make a better decision :slight_smile:

My current setup is:
-Behringer UMC22 (I mainly used this for a condenser mic but I discovered I can use it as a DAC)
-DT 990 Pro 250ohm (I’m probably returning these to get a better set of cans)

I’m pretty convinced on getting the JDS ATOM Amp in order to power the new headphone I’m about to add but I’m having doubts on what would be the best bang for my buck.

I haven’t really tried a lot of headphones but I would like a more pure/natural sound like the ATH m40x I think have, I’ve looked only at open back headphones but I’m open to your suggestions. Budget is around 400$ usd max

Options atm are:
-HD6XX (220 usd)
-HE5XX (220 usd)
-Mackie MC-450 (300 usd)
-and Hifiman Sundaras (350 usd) which would be my endgame I guess.

Thanks a lot for reading my post, I hope u can help a noob out, I’ll mainly use these to listen to music and I would like something that stays true to the original music sound.


The senheiser might be worth looking into if you are looking for a more natural can. I can’t speak for the one you mentioned specifically but I loved the 58x. Phenomenal and cheap. Suuuuuper natural. Just excells at timbre

noob helping noob here :slight_smile:

I have 58x and just got hifiman Deva. I like Deva better. It is much more comfortable, can use bluetooth dongle if needed and wider sound stage.

Hifiman has it on sale as an open box:

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