Help an AirPod pleb with finalizing first big boy purchase(s)

Hey ya’ll,
I’m looking to get some help/recommendations on my first big next step. A 2.0 desktop setup with headphones, I’ve been looking at an all in one combo.

I’m looking to get a dac and amp for my speakers and headphones. Less clutter the better.

I’m very set on buying the Micca RB42’s, when the second shipment becomes available, I’m just not sure what gear to pair them with. Ive been looking at the smsl ad18 and the topping Mx3.

Are there other great options sub 150$ to consider? (Headphone & Speaker Amp/dac combo)

I’m not going to be blasting them, mostly a quiet environment. Literal birds chirping from the surrounding palm’s at most. With that said I do however want them to sound good even if I were to go louder for a couple of songs.

For reference, I currently have a pair of Logitech z313’s that are a set of 2.1 speakers with the L/R channels being 5watts each and a 15 watt sub.

Any help is highly appreciated and I’m here to answer questions if I need to clarify, thank you in advance :slight_smile:

In the RB42 thread TheFly said he thought the MX3 at 40 wpc is not quite enough power for them. Z said the AD18 might be just enough power for these at 80 wpc (he said they need 100 wpc in the review). It’s the reason why I’m going to get a pair of the MB42X instead because they’re good+cheap, easy to drive, and I want the auto-on feature of the MX3.