Help choosing a driver for a DIY headphone. Overwhelming options

The following are the only ones with affordable shipping to my country. They vary from being dirt cheap to relatively expensive:

50mm 24Ohm Headphone Speaker Unit Pure Copper DIY Audiophile Loudspeakers driver for Denon AH D9200|Earphone Accessories| - AliExpress

Excellent Sound New 50mm 32 Ohm Iron Cover Speaker Unit With Upgrade Diaphragm Audiophile Loudspeakers Driver For Diy Headphone - Protective Sleeve - AliExpress

40mm Headphone Speaker Driver 32ohm | 40mm Speaker Replacement | Headphone Parts 40mm - Protective Sleeve - Aliexpress

Excellent Hifi Sound New 40mm Speaker Unit For Diy Headphone Amazing Speaker Clear Sound Balance Sound - Earphone Accessories - AliExpress

40mm Carbon Paper Sound Driver Speakers Unit For Diy Headphones 10hz-80khz Superior Sound Quality Speaker Engineered By Onkyo - Earphone Accessories - AliExpress

Original Replacement 52mm Diy Speaker Unit For Akg N90 N90q Headphones - Earphone Accessories - AliExpress

Local Sri Lankan importer

I appreciate any and all help. Thank you!

I have personally used a variant of the first driver in a closed headphone and quite like it. But to start out id recommend trying the Tymphany HPD-50N25PR00-32. Its pretty cheap and commonly used. It also is fairly easy to tune in my experience.
Look if DigiKey for example sends to your location.
Ive also tried some 40mm drivers from AliExpress but have not finished anything so I cant attest their workability.
The others you have linked may also work ofc but I have no experience with those and the ones with a complete baffle may make it easier but also more limited how much you can try out and tune a driver