Help Choosing DAC/Amp

No worries, you can still plug the mic into your motherboard for the time being (if it will reach) and still use the headphones on the nicer setup

So I need to plug one cable into the atom and another into the Focusrite 1/4” inputs correct?

You can plug the headphones into the atom, but the mic cannot go into the focusrite because the mic requires power and power is only given on the mic xlr channel. You need that adapter to also step down the 24 volts given by the xlr to around like 5 volts for your mic to function properly

This is the adapter you would want to use the focusrite mic in

Is this similar?

Rode VXLR 3.5mm socket to 3-pin male XLR adaptor

Yes, that would do just the same thing :+1:, Rode is a good company too

Only asked because the reviews were much better. Lots of complaints on the other one. So at the end of the day I’m going to end up with two cables connected, one to the dac and one to the amp. Both of which will have 1/4” to 3.5 adapters at the end connected to a splitter that has a female for the boom pro. Correct?

Is there a cleaner way to hook all of this up? Will I suffer any quality loss this way? Is this going to be a much better solution for both audio and chat?

So it would be the 1/4 inch into the atom and the rode xlr adapter into the scarlett and the mic in into the rode adapter. This will not have any quality loss. This is going to be a better sound for both mic and headphones, and will also allow you to expend into a desktop mic for streaming so you can use whatever headphones :+1:

Damn. Sorry I missed the other parts and for the barrage of questions. I think I can get what I’m missing locally tomorrow. Just DOA today sadly.

Wait what was DOA? No problem btw if you have any more questions just ask

LOL. I just mean I’m dead in the water at the moment without the missing parts.

Gotcha, well you can still at least use the headphones and the amp lol

I’ve got it hooked up but I must be missing something. Still only sound and no mic The boom pro came with a splitter and it’s hooked up with the right cord based on the symbols and 48v is on

So did you install the focusrite drivers and set it up in your os correctly? Are you using windows? Also is your gain set up right on the mic input?

Drivers installed, w10 pro. Focusrite set as default. No clue on gain. I can get the lights to light up but I have to scream into the mic.

So you should see the knob next to the mic in on the front by the mic and turn that up, should be labeled gain. Also if you are in windows you can adjust the volume higher if you get the gain set correctly but it is still too quiet

Turned all the way up

So talking normally does the green light turn on often?

No. It’s blinking but I’m not talking

You want to set the gain to a point where when you talk it’s green and when you are not talking it’s not lighting up. Also still no mic being picked up in windows?

Only shows anything if I’m screaming