Help choosing my first headphones

Hello forum!
The time has come for me to switch to a headphone because my speakers are considered too loud for other people when gaming. I’m sure many of you will understand me hehe. So after some research and review watching I narrowed down my choices to these:
CoolerMaster MH 751
AKG k371
Sennheiser HD280 Pro II
My use is mostly gaming not competitive. I am looking for the wow factor of the speakers in headphones (probably BASS). I also listen to all kinds of music. Any help for my final decision?? Open to other suggestions too
Budget is up to 150 Euros. Cheers!!!

Well it sounds like you want a closed-back then for noise isolation.

I have the Cooler Master MH751 and they’re great for long gaming sessions. They’re very comfortable and light, have great imaging, and in general are okay for listening to music. I don’t think they will “wow” you from a music standpoint though. But I think that’s a safe recommendation.

Do you currently have or will you be using a DAC/amp? Another very good option in this price range would be the DT770 Pro 80Ω, especially if you are interested in a solid closed-back with good noise isolation and bass.

Hey thanks for the input! When I said the wow factor I meant the sound effects in games like cannons firing and stuff.
I am not planning on buying dac/amp.