Help! Desktop Set up

Hi all.

I need your help. Trying to figure out a pair of desktop speakers.
Some “relevant” info:

So recently I’ve go my hands on a Focal Clear and although i love them to death I need a speaker solution for when i just need some music background or youtube watching. My room is narrow (2m large by 5m long - my desk is on the long wall and so speakers are directed towards the 2m space) and i dont wanna get into acoustic treatments (saving that for my listening/Library space that is reserved but budget concerns will only happen in about 2 years).
I had a pair of Kef Q100 and they were on the bright side (They are now in the living room). Since i loved the Focal so much i got to audition for a week the Focal CMS50, I also found them on the bright side. They did sound great but I need something more relaxed so I dont focus on the music so much as i do with the Clears.

Budget wise i’m comfortable in the 500 range given what i expect out of them. My audio budget is mostly towards Headphone gear as its where i spend more time. Need to get a decent DaC for my Clears (soekris, Holo and Burson possibilities) that are hooked up to a LP G111. Next year i’m looking into ZMF and a Tube amp (Eikon or Auteur - Feliks Elise).

I would also prefer to go with powered speakers.

Kanto Yu4
Triangle Elara LN01A
Adam T5V
Tannoy Gold 5

Thanks for all the help in advance!