[Help!] Desktop Speaker Set Up <$600


I still have another $300 or so left to spend on this set up. Ideally something that’s not massive so I can still keep on my desk (70 inches wide by 29 inches deep). Not sure if I should be getting an amp/dac stack for memes or just keep things simple.


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Adam T7V and T5V + sub are pretty hard to beat for an active option. I was between the Yamaha HS8 and T7V for my desktop setup but haven decided yet.

You may try go to a local pro audio store and see if they have a demo room for their monitors. Some people get a hiss when listening near field so you’ll want to test for that.

Back ground hiss / white noise is default feature with cheap active speakers.
Just by turning them On, there it is.
You cannot escape it in close range / near field, distance related.
It goes away of course when music is playing in most cases.

Unless you can lower the input sensitivity of the speakers / have speakers with different amp/amps.

Sometimes all you need is the right audio interface as well. My system is susceptible to hiss, but once I connected my studio monitors to my audio interface with balanced cables, that hiss went away completely. I get no hiss whatsoever with my monitors.

Swans Hivi is love, :beers:
Swans Hivi is live, :clinking_glasses:

Think zero fidelity said the iota sa3 (or something similar) was a good pairing

I like some horsepower behind speakers
Even on a desktop nice to be able to scoot the chair back and see what the system can do.

thats not in his price range. he has 300$ to work with.

edit: though it is a good option. i could also sugest getting a 50$ cheapo chifi amp off of amazon for the time being and saving your 250ish$ left towards a better amp. the offerings around 500$ really do blow away the sub 300$ range when it comes to compact amplifiers.

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Ended up with the Triangle’s bc of that sale. Still waiting on the sub to come in but I ended up with the second sub you linked. So far loving the speakers, just excited for the sub to come in.

Thanks for the help guys!! :slight_smile:

(Edit: I forgot to ask but should I be looking into a speaker stand for these units or nah?)


I would either get speaker stands or isolation foam to get the speakers off the desk.