[Help!] Desktop Speaker Set Up <$600

Hey so I’m looking to switch out my current desktop set up ( Edifier S350DB). I was originally looking at the Triangle Borea BR03 but I’m not sure what amp/receiver would be best for this or if I should be looking at other alternatives. I’m pretty new to the world of audio and would love to venture into budget friendly options for a speaker set up. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


honestly for a desk it’s gonna be hard to beat those edifiers, they’re actually designed for that, bigger stuff gets boomy on a desk and still has less bass than those cause of the sub, I’d probably go with vanatoo t1 for that budget, or maybe replace them with the t0 and a sub.

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what makes you want to change your desktop speakers?

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My mom wants them, so I’d figure I’d get something better for myself honestly


ah hah!

how much space do you have for these?

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Vanatoo Transparent Zeroes are really nice. Active speakers with a small footprint.
I run mine with an SMSL SU-8 DAC feeding a Monoprice Liquid Spark amp feeding my Zeroes. Great sound, small footprint and a good amount of power.
I was originally running Topping D10 to Liquid Spark to Zeroes.


About 160 square feet for the room. My desk is pretty large so I have space for most hardware (I think?)

Would I need a amp/dac for them and If so any suggestions?

Oh dunno if it matters but I listen to pretty much every genre under the sun (rap, anime osts, punk, folk, edm, etc…) I have my own headphones I use for games and just want to use these headphones for music and occasional movies.

nope, they actually have an integrated usb dac, I run my t0 of a liquid spark just for the volume knob tho

Invest in a sub with hi-pass filter emotiva 8in $299. Or a cheap 10in sub with no filter. Basically invest in a subwoofer.

I say go team component setup. The sub provides grand scale and buying seperates increases the fun factor.

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top link klipsch 10" for 140$, bottom link 12" for 150$. good sale deals on em.


bro3 back at 349$ if you plan on going that way

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Damn, that price has me sold on the bro3. Any suggestions on what kind of amp I should get to power these?

There are a lot of great options under $600 that will serve you well. Studio monitors are another great way to go if you want simplicity. You don’t need a separate DAC if your motherboards DAC is sufficient, but I recommend running any Studio Monitor out of an audio interface for better balanced sound and less noise and they already have internal DAC’s included.

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I was originally looking at studio monitors for the past month since I already have an audio interface (PreSonus Studio 24C) but I’ve been leaning heavy towards the Br03 for a minute (ended up buying them since $349 sale). Just need to do more research on the best way to power them and I think I’ll be ok? Dunno that my motherboard has a decent onboard DAC (MSI Z490 Unify ITX) but least it has optical lol

Why would you do that just for the volume knob? There is a knob on the right speaker and they come with a remote?

He probably just likes the knob feel.

budget for amp?

You wouldn’t need a separate DAC for studio monitors if you used your current audio interface. You may be able to use it as a DAC in your new system as well, but I’m not sure how you would hook it up to the amp you are looking for.

As for amp recommendations, i have had good experience with Emotiva amps, but it seems their cheaper amps are temporarily unavailable. I hear Crown amps are great if you want pure power.