Help distinguish output

Im a beginner and am looking at the monoprice liquid spark amp and it has preout? what does that mean? what’s the difference between output and preout?

So the preout is essentially a passthrough but with volume control, so it takes the input and then the spark adjusts the volume of the signal for stuff like powered speakers.

ok would a preout work with this?

Wait so what do you plan to do with that? The preamp out outputs your signal to another device

You can use that to send signals to your liquid spark by connecting it to the input of the spark, but I don’t know why you would connect that to the pre out

i plan on using the liquid spark preouts to the bludento for my bluetooth headphones

i wasplanning on using the front headphone output of the spark for my wired headphones

or could i use a quarter inch cable splitter and see no performance loss?

that would be no problem if you use a rca to 3.5 but you would need a transmitter rather than an adapter something like this. also I will warn you the LS does not output the pre out unless 1. it’s on 2. the volume is is not set to 0 and 3. no headphone is plugged in.