Help finding a good fit + decent sound quality

Hello all, first post here after nearly a year of trying to find a decent set of headphones - and I am open to headphones/earphones/IEMs - whatever will work for me because I am on the edge of desperate now lol.

My situation: female, smaller ear canals, some kind of inner ear deformity that prevents me from getting a good fit. I need these for listening to music and wearing while working out - so getting them to stay in the ear is important - as is a certain amount of sweat resistance…i.e. bigger, clunkier over the head phones - just won’t work well…although light ones might…I keep trying. Where I have found fit, I can’t find decent sound quality - sounds crazy, but true…wondering if out there anywhere, could be a pair that offers both. I’ve attached a photo of the only style that works for me in earbuds - they sit flat against the ear and offer a reasonably decent fit - but only if I wear them with dual flange silicone tips…also key is the flexible wire which allows me to keep them snug over the ear. The problem? the sound is hellish - like listening through a tin can. Does anyone have any suggestions for me or do I need to give up and go to an audiologist? Thoughts? comments? suggestions? - all appreciated!!

Personally as someone who doesn’t care a whole lot for in-ear, combined with your potential fit issues — I’d look at some other on/over-ear options. Koss offers some incredibly well-priced on-ear headphones that have reasonably good clamp and exceptional sound for their price. Check the KPH30i, maybe also the PortaPro and KSC75. Though I don’t typically like IEM fit, an unusually light, small cheap one that sounds good for no money are the Moondrop Quarks.