Help: Fluance SX6 vs Klipsch RB-25

Hey guys, new to the forum. Working on my 5.1 setup for 50% movies 50% music

Trying to decide between 2 options

  1. Fluance Elite Series 5.1 off amazon with Fluance SX6 (fronts)
  2. Klipsch 5.1 with RB-25, RC25, RS10, RW8S in like new condition off local classifieds

Price is roughly the same
I will be driving them with either Marantz NR1607 or Denon x2100w

If anyone heard both, your input is greatly appreciated!


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I don’t know about Klipschs, but I got Fluance SX6s. They “knock” because they’re neutral @ 100hz (drum kicks, electronic music kicks, etc) and something like -5dB @ 50hz (bass, cellos), which is enough for me (but I’m not a basshead). I know you’ll get a 5.1 but, no subwoofer needed to play music with these. Excellent treble, maybe a tiny bit too much at high volume. Zero annoying frequencies for my ears.

I’m getting 90-95dB (ouch) with my 100w per channel AVR at 60%.
Woofer doesn’t even seem to move before 80dB so these are more solid than my ears. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, thank you for the feedback! I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about SX6s and I’m leaning more towards them but I’m a sucker for Klipsch design. I think sub is more a want than a need and will probably be off 80% of the time as I do live in apartment building with cardboard walls (though during this quarantine I do want to teach neighbors upstairs that banging on the floor all day long is not cool… hmm maybe I could rent SVS PB16 Ultra for a day or two?)

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that generation of klipsch are bright and shouty. some like, most do not. just a warning.

and 300$ to pick a subwoofer. just an option

Holy sh-- these are a steal.
And you definitely won’t need a sub with these I think.

Yup. It’s these ones. V-shaped a bit. The ones Zeos put in his room and thought he forgot to disable the subwoofers.

wow, that’s an incredible deal… of course they don’t ship to Canada

Found this.

I bought that Jamo set from the US Amazon site and used to ship it to Iceland.

They take a fee for that service so it only pays off if you’re buying something that is heavily discounted or when a seller is overcharging for shipping.

Looks like shipping + duty cost will negate any savings from the sale but they definitely look like a nice set of speakers. More options to chose from now :sweat_smile:

they sound great for the price, and they do have a good healthy chunk of low end for their size. I have a few friends I have suggested them to. Have heard them in numerous sized rooms now. Until they end that deal, its hard to suggest anything else in the price range.

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