Help for a Newbie

TL;DR: Looking for something with a similar form factor to Powerbeats, but wired with good sound quality for $50-$150 for a family member who is a runner and has trouble keeping earphones in her ears.

Hey guys. As much as I’ve learned about headphones in the past 6 months, I’m lost when it comes to IEM’s. I’ve tried the Tin Ti 2’s, but that’s about it. Looking for some leads that I can research.

For Thanksgiving, I had fun showing off my Kennerton Vali’s to family members and they were predictably impressed.

One family member who was blown away by the Vali’s showed me her Powerbeats3 Wireless. I was polite and said they were “neat” and of course it’s not a fair comparison.

What I’m asking of the good members of this community if anyone can give me some suggestions for something wired that can improve on the Powerbeats Wireless from $50 - $150 with a similar form factor. She has issues keeping earphones on her ears and is a runner. Even though they sounded horrible to me, the Powerbeats at least stayed in my ears very nicely and that would be the most important characteristic other than sound quality.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!

I actually think something like the shure se215 might be a good idea, as they just work decent sound wise but they have great build and really hold up well. They also have a good warranty. I swear I have washed and dried my pair too many times and they just still work fine afterwords. They fit very securely in my ear and I don’t really think they will fall out

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I’ll research them. Thanks for the suggestion!!!