Help for a total headphone newbie who likes music, games and movies

Hello, I’m totally new to this forum and world, but I recently grew an interest in good quality headphones. I love listening to music when I’m working and playing games in my free time. My only experience with headphones is with gaming ones (SteelSeries Arctis 1, hyper X flight, some razer bullshit when I was younger).

I started my journey in this world by watching Dms, Joshua Valour, and Zeos and they brought me here. I already saw some reviews on the PC38X, the Beyer MMX300, and the Audeze Mobius (and I’m waiting for the Penrose). So I would like to know if you have any preference between those and if you have other recommendations.

To help you I usually listen to rock, hard rock, Power Metal, synthwave, New retro wave, and electro. I often play FPS, RPG, Rogue Lite, hack’n slash and I have a budget of 300€.

Europe, NA or other continent?

I’m in Europe

I guess buying from Drop for European people is not worth it considering shipping cost and all.

Beyerdynamic MMX300 or TYGR are good for music and great for gaming.
Senheiser 660s is also great if you could find a cheap deal.

Planar headphones like Mobius usually need a dedicated amp to sound their best. I wouldn’t recommend them if you have onboard or something like Dualshock4 for audio out.

The Mobius are wireless though, but I am not sure how well they sound or if they are overrated…

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Thanks for your tips! I read somewhere that the MMX 300 gen 2 has the same driver as the DT 770 and those are less expensive. Are they really the same (without a mic obviously ^^).

I don’t think they’re the same. Maybe related.

They both have the famous Beyerdynamic treble. It’s elevated which is great for gaming because you can hear footsteps easier. It could be harsh for music though.

DT770 is more V shaped imo. It has so many dips and raises in its frequency response that makes music have the same tone. It’s like all the bass and treble is the same. I don’t like it personally.

Hi again,

So, I’ve made some research on the TYGR because I never heard about them. It seems that they are very appreciated. I think I’m maybe going with those and since they are less expensive I can buy a modmic (or something else) and maybe a little DAC. Do you have any recommendations?