Help for connecting a USB microphone to a powered speaker

Hello everyone,
I am a doctor and am using a P100 respirator. Patients cannot hear me as the voice comes out muffled. I want to be able to use a USB microphone to connect easily to an external speaker. I have tried using a bluetooth microphone, but I cannot get the output to a speaker.
How do I get my voice amplified ? a small microphone outside the mask?respirator is not able to make the sound clear and so i want the microphone to be inside the mask.

You could get a small lavalier/lapel mic and route it inside the mask, but I don’t know how much that would compromise the effectiveness of the mask. Regarding actual amplification, it sounds like this would be some sort of PA setup?

Hi Mon,
I am unable to get a lapel microphone through, but I can get a small USB microphone in without compromising the mask effectiveness. How do I get that to a small PA setup, something that a person in front of me can hear; nothing very loud. How do I get the microphone output to a PA system ?

Just wondering what specific microphone are you planning on using? So any microphone outside the mask would be muffled but it seems like you probably couldn’t get a microphone inside the mask

So for something on the cheaper side of things, a system like this seems like the best approach imo if I am understanding you correctly

While your voice may still be muffled by the mask, if you position this correctly you should be able to amplify your voice to a moderately loud level. Of course a product like this would not yield the best fidelity, but it would get the job done without spending for a professional system

Thank you,
I shall try this out. Seems good.
Can I connect a USB microphone to it, with a USB female to 3.5 mm jack and then use it in the mic input of this device ?
That will allow me to use a microphone inside the mask’ If not I shall try from outside as you have suggested.

The kit would come with a mic so one would not be needed. If you already have a mic (with yours being usb), unfortunately you cannot go from a usb female to 3.5mm, you would need a computer to plug in the usb mic to, and from there you would need to configure the computer to output the signal to speakers. There aren’t any portable speakers that I know of that can take input from a usb mic, you would need an analog microphone

Oh…Ok…so just adding a converter to a USB microphone cannot make it equivalent to an analog mic. !

So there is no way to use a USB microphone unless I use a laptop ? Then I shall try this device as you say

Yes, the way a usb mic works, it relies on a computer to give proper power and also outputs a digital signal for a computer, which an analog amplifier or pa system cannot use

Correct, you would have to plug in the usb mic into a laptop, then plug speakers into the laptop and then tell the laptop to output the mic audio to the speakers connected to the computer, so it would work that way but it would potentially be too complicated or cumbersome

Thanks so much Mon,
appreciate it.