Help for my first IEM

My previous headphones (superlux HD681evo) have broken and now I’d like to try IEM for the first time.
I have also a DAC: Fulla 2
My use is mainly gaming, movies and music. Budget 50€
The new headphone have to be comfortable. I heard about Tin T2 Plus and KZ ZS10, are they good?
Thanks for the help!

If you can stretch it to 59 get the VE BIE Pro. In my opinion it’s way better value than the two IEMS you mentioned.

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Thanks! I’ll check it out

I would strongly advise the BLON BL-03 or BL-05s (not regular 05).
For €50 you can literally get both :stuck_out_tongue:

These are absolutely amazing for their price. i own both and the T2 and ZS10. I won’t write my opinion on the ZS qince it seems to be the exact opposite of what others are hearing… So either I have a effective pair or defective ears (probably the latter).

As for the T2. They’ll get more detail out of your music than the BLON’s but i find them… boring? Very bland. Clear and detailed but boring as f*ck. While both BLON’s are a lot more engaging.

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Thanks! Are they similar in terms of comfort?


  1. KZ
  2. BL05s
  3. BL03
  4. Tins

The tins kinda hang out, while the rest is more in-ear.


Great! If I change the eartips, I will improve the comfort? Sorry for the dumb question

Absolutely. Finding a good tip is half the trip towards comfy IEM’s.

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Got it! Any recommendations for eartips? :joy:
What is the other half trip? :grin:

I’m still trying new ones. Am waiting for spintips to arrive, but I’m loving the Final Audio Type E’s so far.

IEM’s that fit :stuck_out_tongue: If the tube is to wide, the shape interferes with your ear or there’s sharp edges even the best tip won’t solve it.

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All eartips are interchangeable between them? Even if they are different brands?

Mostly yes. Just make sure you look at the diameter of the stem and the diameter of the tip (usualy around 4-5mm). if those fit (-ish. 4.5mm tips will go on 5.5mm stems and so on. Just don’t buy 3mm for 6 or something).

Also Sennheiser can be weird. Just… Senny tips on Senny IEM’s. Mix and match anything else :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is it advisable to buy the version without microphone, right?

Do you want a mic? Yes? → Buy the mic version
No? → Buy the non-mic version
Maybe? → Buy the non-mic version. It’s a lottery, I got a mic anyway xD

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Personally, I found the mic on my BL03s is at just the length to catch on my shirt collar when I’m at work and it’s incredibly annoying! Never had that issue before.

I love my KZ ZS10 Pro ( they are $50 USD ). They have a very neutral sound, there is a tiny harsh spot around 6k.

I had issues with the Tin T2 not being comfortable. I never got them to fit well, and was wearing an old $20 pair of KZ purely for the ability to wear them all day, even though I knew it wasn’t as good for sound quality.

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The ZS10 Pro is definitely NOT neutral.

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Then even this site is wrong … if you go to the top page, pick In Ear and Neutral, the KZ ZS10 Pro, Final E3000, Tin T2, and Moondrop Starfields, are the only neutral listed under $150.

The Hifiguides recommendation page is outdated and has a lot of wrong info.


This all will kind of depend on prices and availability in your specific location, but the budget range of IEMs is interesting and you can generally find something for almost any taste.

Final E series has one massive advantage even the cheapest pair of IEMs come with one of the best sets of tips (tips I have put on IEMs over 10x the price of any of these sets). The downsides are that the cables on the reasonable end of the E series are not replaceable and there are QC issues for some so buy from a place with a good return policy.

Final E500/E1000 These are both the cheaper side of Final and also the more neutral end too. Very small and light weight and nice if you only want something that inserts and does not rest on the rest of your ear
E3000 has a bit more in the low end and a more energetic sound signature. This is a nice sound signature for movie watching since a mild V shape give more presence to action sequences.

Tin T2 Is like the Final E500/1000 in that it is still fairly neutral with a bit more treble, could be useful if you are playing FPS shooters since less low end with a bit of extra treble is good for auditory early warning of approaching threats . It is a different shape to most IEMs so either you will like it or hate it.

Blon Bl03 Is another mild V shaped IEM that lots of people love in the budget range. It has the bean shape that is used by a fair number of other IEMs and is not a personal favorite shape for comfort for me, but lots of people do like it.

KZ budget end cables are awful, lots of other IEMs in the budget range have bad cables but honestly even the KZ IEMs I like in this price range I hate the cables with an almost almighty passion. Luckily you can easily get replacement cables for not a lot of money and it is an upgrade I highly recomend.

KZ KS10 I am going to defer to others in this thread for this one. I own the IEM, but I can not listen to mine it causes actual pain for me, not out of comfort but out of whatever the BA drivers in it does to the treble. I am not a fair judge of this one.

KZ DQ6 The fit is more inline in what is generally referd to as a custom IEM fit. It is big(ish) but honestly might be one of the more comfortable IEMs I have mentioned. It is a V shaped and quite modifiable to adjust the sound signature with very little cost or effort (just a bit of tape or some cut up foam peices). Quite a fun sound signature.