Help! HD600 or HD6XX

I know these have been debated, but I need help deciding between the two.

Comfort is the biggest factor. I read somewhere that the 600’s are more comfortable due to the top padding.

Can anyone confirm this? Is the higher price tag worth it?

Comfort is totally subjective, and until you’ve tried both - I’m not sure how to advise.
I prefer the four-lump older style head-padding on 600 to my 58x and 6xx.
I’ve heard many others prefer the two-lump style.
I also prefer the 600 sound out of all three.
BUT, it is very close. Earpads are the same.

If full-retail were the options and I wasn’t a very wealthy person — I’d have a hard time telling someone not to get the 6xx here.

Should you ever be that interested in comparing the headpads, the parts are available.

They are absolutely, in sound, fit, feel, comfort, (not paint) everything you can name the EXACT same thing as the HD650. If you don’t like the headband, get a different foam piece for it. There is zero difference between the two. Get the 6xx because cheaper.

They were talking about the top padding between 600 and 6XX (650) ?
Not the difference in 650 and 6xx in my mind… :slight_smile:


The padding can be changed in about 90 seconds from start to finish.


The comfort of these headphones is more effected by the clamp than the padding on the headband imo. Also as said above it can be swapped out very easily. So in terms of a purchase decision I don’t think I would be too worried about comfort as they’re basically the same. They do have sonic differences though.

Yup. I changed out the 6XX padding for the 600’s “4-lump” padding and it’s wayyyyyy better for me personally.

Thanks for your input! Which one do you prefer for sound?

Good to know! Thank you! I might go that route since the 600’s are $80 more.

I believe DMS did a vid on yt about this very thing, in addition to a couple of other ppl way smarter than me about it.

That being said, i agree w what most ppl say here, you can change headband easily and cheaply if you don’t like it. (I could never tell, way more about the clamp)

I ended up getting the 58x and 6xx from massdrop during holiday sale for Slightly less than just the 600’s cost on amazon and i’ve been pretty happy with that choice; but like all this stuff, it so difficult if you can’t hear em for yourself on your setup.

I ultimately decided to keep the hd600 but I wouldn’t put much stock in my choice. Don’t get me wrong, many prefer it and it’s a really great set of headphones, but the same can be said about the hd650/6xx as well. It comes down to amp pairings and preferences imo because they’re both great.