Help in budget (under $200-ish) gaming/audiophile headset/headphones

So I’m a newbie here, which you might have guessed from my ambitious plans. I’m looking for (preferably) a headset that has nice imaging, soundstage and somewhat capable of achieving audiophile quality. My original budget was around 120-ish, but I realized that I probably need to pump that up. I listen to edm/indie/chill trap-ish music if that helps. I’ve looked at options like pc38x, 58x (no mic:( ) and cm mh751/2. Tygr 300r is a bit above my budget. I don’t plan on buying an amp either.
I hope someone can help me out, I’m kinda lost in what would be the best option.
Thanks for any input in advance!

Hi @Bivver, welcome to the forum!
It helps to know what you will mainly do with the headphone, like gaming or listening to music and of course what genres. I like the MH752 a lot because it is crazy comfortable and has detachable cables and a detachable mic, but I’m not too impressed with the sound quality outside of gaming.
Do you already own a dac and/or amplifier?

If you don’t use an amp, the HD560S might work better than HD58X in terms of efficiency.
TYGRs need an amp to reach their sound quality.
PC38X is easier to drive compared to those above & might be closer to “audiophile” territory than CoolerMaster.

Do you know what Realtek ALC your onboard soundcard has?

X2HR + Boom Pro seems like the logical choice here. :man_shrugging:t4:

Though you’re going to want a DAC + Amp in the future.

Thank you and they are Realtek® ALC892/ALC897

Unfortunately I don’t own one and thanks! :slight_smile:

PC38X & the mentioned Fidelio X2/HR with a V-Moda BoomPro are good options.
PC38X is very easy to drive and apparently sounds good.
If I was in the US and wanted a headset - I’d go with PC38X.
Those oval Sennheiser earpads are very comfy in my opinion.
And if you’re not happy - you can send it back.