Help in choosing my 2.1 pc setup

Hi, can you help me in choosing my new 2.1 setup? :slight_smile:
in the image below you can see my room/pc setup, the 2.1 system currently hooked is a Edifier S350Db, but I’m not happy with it, so I need help in choosing the right speaker/subwoofer wathever else needed for this.

Small room, something like 3mx4m
Sitting in front of a pc, so the speaker should be for near listening
Budget is <1000€ (hopefully!)

Getting exceptional music listening experience through 2 speakers + 1 subwoofer

Exceptional is kind of arbitrary, for reference the best audio gear I’ve owned so far is a set of headphones HyperX Cloud Orbit which is a rebrand of Audeze Mobius (250€), so I want this to sound at least that good, and possibly even better.
The Edifier S350Db in the image below are inferior to my headphones because the bass are muddy and also because the music from them is not punchy at all.

The music I plan to listen to is epic orchestra type music mostly (but not only!) with a bunch of different instruments (lot of drums) and choirs so deep bass and clear highs I think are all important (but I have no idea what I am talking about), I don’t know if this affect the recommendations but here some of my favorite musics as an example:

Help and recommendations needed! :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard. Good first post providing photo and source material.

You want to go passive or active? I lean toward passive.

Thanks :slight_smile:
My first instinct was active to have to deal with less components, but if I get a clear benefit down the line, I can go passive as well - I’m just afraid it will turn way more expensive (and thus will take more months before I earn enough to purchase all the components) :\

It can be, but recently forming the opinion you can do audiophile on the cheap but form factor goes out the window. can do hifi and be just as happy. Audiophile being less digital as possible, with hifi by any means necessary.

budget passive HIFI route $100 DAC and $100 amp with the infineon chip (zeos approved). Will report back on a smsl SA300 the damn thing hasnt shipped yet. The ASR forum swear by the aiyima A07 adding a better power supply.

Speakers. again for me form factor out the window. 6in drivers just cant beat the sound coming from a big cabinet. I see room behind the desk ever think about small floorstanders ?

Subwoofer- elec 1010 its got brand name form factor good measurements hi-level imputs and comes in at under $130.

Also what part of the globe are you, canada money?

I live in Italy, I don’t want floorstanders because I want all the “walking room” possible and that would create an area I should steer clear or be carefull around in order to not know it down, so I prefer my current setup of speakears on the desk
Also given the price of that subwoofer I’m a bit skeptic, I was already disappointed by this cheap Edifier setup so going cheap again seems very likely I’ll get disappoint again :\

one member here with the elac 1010 for a desktop system no complaints and erins audio corner on youtube did a budget subwoofer comparison gave positive feedback. Its in my cart for a bedroom tv 2.1.

i see on amazon the more expensive elac 10in sub for 226.00€ but it dont have high-level imput . Also see wharfedale Qacoustics and triangle bookshelves.theres a onkyo integrated amplifier with subout.

I had my eye on the JBL 305P MkII and Presonus Eris E5 XT, what do you guys think about those? My goal is to listen/enjoy music, but this are studio monitors… are those suited for the task?
Also if they are, I noticed in the back I don’t think it has anything I can plug into my pc, is that right? How am I supposed to plug them?! Plus, how am I supposed to turn them off if they both have individual power switch and no remote or anything? And how am I supposed to easily control the volume if the knob is on the back of each speaker?

Can you get Vanatoo speakers over there? They are great for a desk environment. As far as a sub goes, a nice sealed or passive radiator sub is better than ported when it comes to music imo. The new Emotiva SE series (SE8, SE12) are nice because they have an adjustable high pass filter.

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spread the speakers out, right speaker where the water bottle is get the speakers elevated off the desk, play with placement.

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I recently got a pair of audioengine HD3 for my computer desk. I am loving them so far. The size is perfect. The little wedges that angle them up help a lot too. Also I have a tiny kanto sub6 subwoofer under the desk and it sounds great to me. I am far from a “basshead” though. Playing music through iFi NEO iDSD.