Help! Looking for a Soundblaster soundcard / DAC

Hello guys,

I would like to buy my first soundcard cuz my built in motherboard soundcard is a little broken.

Im not sure about which one to choose, but i really like 3 of Creative:

- Sound Blaster X4 - 150€

-Sound Blaster GC7 - 150€

-Sound Blaster AE-7 - 158€

Mix use: Gaming, music, a little streaming, films, etc. and i will use Beyerdynamic MMX300 V2 and HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro as headset, and Edifier R1280t as Speakers.

Its hard to me to see differences between that 3 just reading reviews so…any help? Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

I had an AE5 and that was great for the price. Are you dead set on a sound card? Or would an external DAC/amp serve you better?

Im not sure, i think i dont care soundcard or DAC/AMP, i just want a good upgrade haha :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

A wow upgrade would be getting a dedicated DAC and amp or a combo. For gaming schitt HEL if you can get one where you are at or a mayflower. If you don’t need a mic hookup again I’d still recommend a schitt HEL, ifi ZEN DAC or a topping stack. All these options should be less than 200 euro and definitely give you a wow factor for an upgrade.

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Thanks!! i will search some info about both :smiley: