Help me build an audio setup for my PC

I need help putting together a setup for my pc. I’m looking for a good DAC, Headphone Amp, Integrated Amp, Speakers and a Sub. (Pieces with an optical audio connection is a must.)

The room my pc is in is about 10 ft long by 5 foot wide and my overall budget is around $1,000 to $1,200 for everything. This setup will be strictly used for listening to music.

Need more information bud. How much of your budget do you want to spend on what part? Or all parts equally? Many options for you at that price range.

Do favor and use headphones or speakers more?

It’s hard to offer suggestions without knowing what kind of sound you like. However I did my best to make the most unoffensive, “enjoyable by all people” audio setup. I made a Kit for you, link below. Most things in there can be found on sale or used for much, much cheaper than their current listing price. At full price you’re looking at around $1,250, but with sales and such you can get all for under $1,000.

To save you money and get the best bang for buck, I opted to select an all in one amplifier/DAC unit, and powered monitors. Buying amplifiers and DACs separately for your gear is not only much more expensive, but has barely any difference in sound quality in this price range. Hope this helped :slight_smile:

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I’d like to spend less then $400 on each part if possible, In terms of whether I like headphones or speakers more. I’d say about the same for both, I already have a pretty good pair of headphones (Senneheiser HD 380 Pro) and i’m planning on getting a pair of Fostex or Beyerdynamics.

A lot of people have been suggesting the JBL speakers/sub and I have a pair of pretty good headphones already (Sennheiser HD 380 Pro) I’m thinking of getting another pair (either Fostex or Beyerdynamic) I don’t like open backs at all, I just need better speakers and a sub. I really want an integrated amp because I plan on getting a record player at some point and I’d need something to connect it to.

horn and silk some options.
that sub rocks, I own it for my desktop. keeps up with my 10" klipsch. And its tiny(passive radiators ftw)
powered bookshelves are good and all, but then you have to buy whole new(including amp) when u want change/upgrade. there are tons of cheep speaker wire options out there including making you own in about 2 minutes. strip little wire and twist a banana plug on. phono pre-amp in there to that you can add when you are ready to get your turntable. you really need to spend about 600+ on a decent integrated with a built in phono. better to use one of the phono pre-amps + integrated w/o phono. much betetr options in your price range. just some alternative options for you.

My recommendation is
For headphones:
Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 600ohm
JDS Labs Atom
For Speakers:
1: JBL 305p
Micca 12inch sub
2: Klipsch RP150M
Emotiva A100

And for the DAC

If you use the 1: JBL 305 setup go for the SMSL SU8 V2
If you use the 2: Klipsch RP150M setup go the Schiit Modi

This setup sounds better than anything else that’s been recommended and every single part can be upgraded down the road

I don’t like open back headphones, I was going to either get a pair of Fostex TH-X00 or Beyerdynamics DT770 250 ohm. Everything else you suggested is pretty much what I’ve been looking at for awhile now.

Just out of curiosity If you were to suggest an Integrated Amp which would you suggest?

jbl 306 on sale right now at jbl website, back ordered atm. but on sale for 119.99

I just put a Topping MX3 with 2 Micca MB42Xs on my Desktop this past Weekend. Pretty Happy with it. I’ll be adding Sennheiser HD 559 or 599 Soon and a 8” sub. May not be Good Enough for some Folks but it’s a Major improvement over the Altec Lansing 2.1 computer speakers I’ve had for years…

Recorded on IPhone with no external mic so does Not convey the Sound Quality…


I got the MX3 a few weeks ago for headphone use at work. I’m very pleased with it and the Bluetooth access has come in handy since USB audio isn’t working on my phone. I’ll be moving it to my home office and plugging in some speakers as soon as my DX3 Pro arrives. It’s a remarkably nice little unit for the money.