Help me choose a DAC, considering Bifrost 2 vs DAC1421

Hi all, I am saving up for a DAC upgrade. I’m currently using an SMSL sankrit pro and aune X8 (which I’m selling).

My headamp is a GIlmore Lite mk2, heaphones; HD580J, HD650 and AD2K. The DAC will also be the main source for my Dynaudio BM6 monitors.

I feel that the X8 is an upgrade to my sanskrit pro in terms of detail, transparency and spatial depth, but it’s a touch too sterile and glarey for my taste. I ended up prefering the sanskrit pro, though it has somewhat a smearing sound, was an easier, more musical listen for me.

I have been considering either the Bifrost 2 or Soekris DAC1421 as my next upgrade. Which one would be better for my setup? Any others to consider? Cheers.

I’d definitely go with the Bifrost 2 as it is a better match with the Gilmore Lite mk2. The Gilmore amp can be on the analytical side of things at times, so adding the Bifrost 2 makes the most sense.

FYI…I own a Bifrost 2 and a Soekris DAC1321.

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About the Dac 1421 you can read about here.Search it in the Search function.Never listen it but read some good things about.:wink:

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Bifrost 2 would be the better choice. I think you will feel the same way about the soekris dac as the aune.

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do these headphones have any tilt to them?

I hear a lot about the Bifrost 2 and how good it is. i ordered one and waiting for them to ship since theyre back ordered


It’s somewhat hard to explain. It has very narrow band, sharp forwardness in the upper mids (around 4KHz I think?) and a wider band less forward upper bass. It’s a guilty pleasure and very coloured headphone. I hardly use them TBH, but I can’t bring myself to sell them.

i heard their a very nice headphone. but do the cups tilt on them? or do they just swivel. that keeps me from buying audio technica. i need tilt

Oh. Misunderstood your question. I thought tilt was regarding their sound signature. They swivel a little facing back and forward. They don’t tilt or swivel facing up and down. I can imagine some will have fit issues. I am fortunate that they fit me well.