Help me decide between these speakers

I was looking for new speakers for my room. I want to upgrade from my logitech z-2300 which i have for 12 years now. The new speakers will be used for nearfield. For now i will place them on my desk but eventually will buy speaker stands. Speaker usage will be 70% music 20% games and 10% movies. I won`t do anything with music production. I listen to edm like house, trance, dnb, minimal techno. I also listen to ambient atmospheric music.For an idea:cryochamber channel on youtube. I had the edifier r2000db but returned it to upgrade it to the edifier s1000db since it had a discount. I returned the s1000db because it was too harsh. It gave me ear ache even at low volume. like someone was stabbing my ears. Must be because of the metal tweeters.
After looking around i narrowed the choices down to the:
jbl 305 mk2, 220euro a pair
Mackie MR624, 340 euro a pair
adam t5v, 320 euro a pair
my budget is 350 euro for a pair.

What i find important is that it has to be easy to listen to. Need to listen to it for long sessions,at least 6 hours, without giving me fatiguing ear aches. I dont want the speakers to throw the music at me. I want to be inside the music. I want to be engulfed. I dont know the term for it, sound stage maybe? The s1000db kinda did this but every time the speakers where on it was like i had airplane ear.
Thanks in advance.

Hmmm, so personally you have mainly chosen studio monitors, which their goal is to throw music at you and kinda be overly revealing to spot flaws, which you might not like. For what you have said though, out of the options you have listed I think the Adam t5v are a very solid pick, pretty dang immersive as well, and have solid enough low end too (but if you are concerned about that you would really want a sub). Do you have a dac and a means to control volume though for the monitors?

Another option might be something like the vanatoo t0, which imo is pretty sweet for it’s size and price, also has a built in dac which is nice too.

Ah i forgot to mention. I will use it with a soundcard, the soundblaster x ae5. I will add a volume control to it. I feel that i don`t need a separate dac for now.

Gotcha, then that will work just fine for the dac. So I would say the adam t5v would be pretty immersive with what you listen to, it should recreate space nicely and also have great separation. It also isn’t overly harsh in it’s presentation as well

Thanks for helping me to decide. I will get a pair of adams later this week.

Now i`m looking more at the mackies because they have bigger woofer . Sigh.