Help me decide ! confused af

I know it’s kinda long but pls help me
So I need an openback gaming headphone for some competitive gameplay my budget is right around 200$ but I can stretch it if there is smt that worth the extra cost (250$ max). I don’t have a dac/amp setup and I am not planning to buy one any time soon since they are expensive and often not that portable to carry around.
It’s better if it comes with a mic (i allready have v moda boom ) but rather one that can be removed if not needed.(pc38x?!)
I am intending to use these with a ps4/5 controller and my phone so smt with a low impudence and high sensitivity is obviously preferred.(hifiman?!)
I had some problems with the cables breaking on me so I rather if the cable is removable and the headphones are well built.( beyerdynamic 300r ?!)
In terms of sound I only care about the overall imaging layering and most importantly soundstage smt a bit warm with a boosted high (kinda v shaped) would be great.
I actually hate suspension strap headbands cause i kinda think that looks dumb but meh i can live with that. (X2hr?!)
Soooo it is kinda a lot to ask for 200-250 $ but that’s all i got what is your recommendation?
Tygr 300r cable is not f removable
Pc38x mic is permanently attached
Hd58x wailed
Hs560s smaller sound stage and tooo analytic
X2hr stupid headband design
Harmonicdyne helious bad build quality
Monolith m570 qc issues
Sivga Phoenix dms thinks they r terrible
Hifimans kinda too hard to drive deva maybe ?!
Any recommendations r appreciated
i have no idea what to do i just need something open wide and portable with good sound and a comfortable well built body.

You can optically connect a Dac to the Ps 4 if you have an optical connection.
Like the Ify Hip dac for example.
Then you have a better sound in general.
On the Ps5 it would only work if you connect the Dac optically to the TV and select Optical sound output in the TV’s menu.

I wouldn’t use the Ps 4/5 controller, it’s so terrible that even the best headphones won’t help.

The Dt 880, Dt990 or the Emu Purpleheart on Massdrop or the Sennheiser you suggested yourself would not be wrong as headphones.

And the Ify Hip Dac is still affordable and would give you the most advantage in terms of sound to keep up with “Competetiv”.

AudioTechnica ATH-AD500x comes to mind, only problem it has is the attached cable and the lack of up/down tilt in the earcups. And it does not have a mic.

They used to have a headset version of their ATH-AD-series. Doesn’t look like that is still around.

ATH-PDG1a exists, mic on that is good, no idea on their headphone qualities.

The AD series, at least the 700x and 900x from personal experience, are very comfortable despite a lack of articulation and small pads (inner diameter). Had my AD900x for several years with no issues.

Only reason why I don’t use it anymore is because I now have an ESP/95X which does nearly everything I liked about the Audio Technica but better.

Sivga 007, not sure how that soundstage/imaging is.

The Tygr’s fit everything with a $75 single-sided detachable cable modification.
Perhaps try them before the mod.

Philips Fidelio, get used to the headband issue, you might come around to it.

Don’t get the Sennheisers because of stage width, don’t get Hifiman because of the powering issue.

I have a ps4 s so it does not support optical but I guess hip dac can work if i connect it with the usb digital input but does is support mic and won’t audio be reversed cause thats what i heard about using dac amps on ps4 ?
Also how about fiio can I use btr5 for the same setup u just mentioned or I will have to get a Q3?
One more question since I am sooooo dump when it comes to audio gear my tv is outdated and the optical cables on it sound like trash would it effect the dac amp quality or it would just send the pure audio signal and will that support mic ?
I have to attach a mic one way or another

I know about them and I heard pretty good things about them except for them not being pretty at all .
And they have that suspension strap headband and attached cable but I don’t think I can get over attached cables any time soon I had 2 headphones with attached cable that one side if it either the headphones jack or the part that connects to headphone it self just breaks and makes noise and disconnects one of the ear cups from time to time and …
I fixed my dt 770 but the other one had to go to the garbage.
Soooo pls recommend smt with a detachable cable.
The only pair of headphones that come with a attached cable and can be used in my case is TYGR cause i know how to change the cable on that headphones but I might break it this time sooo…
I donno any thing else thay sounds as good az TYGR with a removable cable ?

Since everyone is recommending them I might try those.
How do they compare against smt like k7xx and which model is the best.
Is it like it improves sound quality and overall technicalities with each model 900>800>700
Or the have different sound characteristics ?
And whats wrong with the other models that I mentioned above? Do they have a better ss and imaging or smt ?

I kinda like everything about the beyers but I might just fail to mod them on my own (it is not that hard but extremely stressful)
And where can I order e moded version cause I currently only have access to amazon.

There’s a reputable fellow that’s modded many through an Etsy store. Purchase and then have him do the mod separately.

Detachable cable is not smt new every single manufacturer comes up with a great pair of headphone with a detachable cable since 2000s and for some f reason beyers just decide to release headphones in 2020 without a detachable cable.
Thats just sooooo dumb there is no reason to make headphones with attached cable in 2020 other than additional profit for company.
I am not going to buy them for that reason alone.

shp 9600’s got some praise here when it was coming out that might be a decent option. and if the new xbox controller is anything to go by the ps5/ps4 controllers should have enough power to drive them

Yeah but I don’t think it can compete with the likes of tygr, pc38x, helious, x2hr and … in terms of overall build and sound quality
Also how is m570 did they fixed the qc issues ?
And what would u recomend other than shp 9600 and between the models that I mentioned above ?

I just need a TYGR with a removable cable or a pc38x with a removable mic
Sound wise I want smt close to these kinda headphones when it comes to gaming.

Why it should be removable?
I don’t find it disturbing when it’s lifted to up / off position when not needed.

I know but that kinda design is starting to look more and more outdated but I am considering to buy a pc38x over the other ones. That is not actually the problem I have with that headphone my problem is that as of now it is only available on drop but I can’t order it from drop as it dosen’t support shipping to my location and I can only order stuff from amazon.

Any guess when it will be available on amazon ?

Probably when Amazon buy’s Drop, might take a while.

But the Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X is on amazon, atleast in my amazon search find’s it.
Previous model.

Also the similar one’s would then be Sennheiser PC 360 or Sennheiser G4ME ONE.

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Sennheiser game one pc37x and other models have a 50 ohm driver and can’t be driven by a portable source properly and they sound worse than pc 37x sooo
38x is kinda my only option can buy that from amazon next month ???

This headset got excellent reviews they are also good for music

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