Help me decide for a 2.1 setup

I mainly listen to electronic music (minimal/deep dubstep specifically) and I cannot decide between the Klipsch ProMedia and the Edifier S350DB/S351DB.
What I want is deep,heavy bass that doesn’t overpower other frequencies.
I would also appreciate other recommandations under 500$.

firstly, welcome to HFG, Salvation!

secondly, the Klipsch are about bass, but they will muddy everything else. I have no experience with Edifier, but I only read good things about them. also, you would do better with buying a better 2.0 system and adding a sub later than getting something that stresses the quality your budget can afford.

also, are you okay with deals on the used market?

lastly…where do you live?

Thank you and yes , I am okay with deals on the second market but I have little to no experience when it comes to home speakers.Let me know if you got any suggestions for a 2.0 pair that would suit my needs or even a sub.
Knowing that I may also need a dac/amp I could rise my budget to 600~ $ or even 700$ if necessary.
I live in Romania.

Have a look at B&Was 600 series, had various incarnations of them over many years. The bass you’re looking for may be a problem if you’re going to add the sub later, could you go for floorstanders instead of monitors? Q acoustics 3050 models are fantastic and often on sale. IMO the best subs for music are RELs, not the deepest but have the speed needed to do music rather than just LFE for films.

Check out the edifier s2000 or s3000, they should be in your budget and sold locally.
No amp needed, they’re active speakers.

Or if you want to go with Passive speakers, avstore has many bundles of speakers and amps within your budget (Q acoustics 3030i or Monitor Audio Bronze 100). But a sub would be out of budget, you could add it later however.

Both are good solid ways, depends if you want active or passive.

Do you want the system for near field (desktop) or for a tv/music station and if how big is your room?

Mainly for desktop use.My room size is 4x4 meters (medium size I guess).

Then I wouldn’t go bigger than the edifier s2000
Or if you like to tweak your gear a bit get a DAC for around 100€ like the topping E30 that can work as a preamp if I remember correctly
And look for studio monitors like the Adam t5v and see how you like them
If you’re missing the umpf in the bass you can get later a sub with RCA passthrough and make your desktop really shake :partying_face:

The S2000 and S3000 seem like solid choices ( I was initially looking at the 350DB/360DB 2.1 systems) , but would I benefit more from getting a 3030i with an amp for example as opposed to the previously mentioned active speakers?I’m not really sure about the differences.

If you can’t hear to loud the mackie msr5 or 624 also make good bass without needing to much loudness

Thanks for the quick response , the edifier speakers seem like a good choice. Additionally when it comes to this line up , what’s the main difference between S2000 and S2000 Pro?

I was always going for the pro cause I did see them sometimes for as low as 350 and if I remember correctly they have a better DAC and a bit more low-end umpf :wink:
But don’t quote me on that is a while since I did my do diligence and I’m still looking for a new pair cause HP are my priority right now :stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise think the normal s2000 has XLR Inputs and the pro not o_O
And the DSP in the pro has more options if I remember correctly

Sounds good , so basically when you said I shouldn’t go bigger than S2000 , does that also include the S3000?
Also , floorstanders were mentioned before (Q Acoustics 3050i for example) , should I take this in consideration or is it overkill?

The benefit with Passive is more long term in the sense that you can later buy/change your amp or speakers. But that is something only you would be able to say.
So I guess passive setups are more flexible.

On the other hand, those Edifier s2000 have so many features, you won’t really need to change or add anything with them imo. You can still add an active sub to them with an RCA splitter for example.

The main disadvantage with passive is that you need to fit more crap on your desk, like a ~10kg amp and more cables.

Thanks for your clarification , right now I’m undecided between models. I’m leaning towards the S2000 although I had many models in mind including the Q Acoustics 3030i you’ve mentioned before , the KEF Q150/350 , Edifier S3000 and that’s pretty much what I have on my list for now.Any deciding factors for the final verdict?

If you’re in Bucharest, or have the possibility to visit, avstore does demos and they’re quite friendly.
But I think that for the price, the s2000 are hard to beat as an all in one solution.