Help me decide on my $3,000.00+ headphone choice

Currently I’m struggling with my next headphone purchase.

I’m deciding between Focal Utopia (already own Elex), LCD4 (don’t think I can stand the weight) Meze Empyrean and the Focal Stellia.

As Z has already stated, the Elex is his choice between the Elex and Utopia since they sound so similar, but many argue it is the most resolving headphone on the planet, and I’m a detail freak. The LCD4 is probably just too heavy but the sound is incredible. I’m mainly leaning towards the Meze Empyrean since its sound signature sounds like what I would appreciate and it’s build and design are actually worth the price tag. All I hear are great things from everyone that puts the Stellia on their heads, but I really don’t want to spend 3,000 on a closed back headphone and I already own the Elegia.

Please help me with this incredibly difficult decision!

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Resolve Reviews could help you choose. He already reviewed the LCD-4s and the Stellias (etc).

He’s my favorite reviewer actually. His review is what has put the LCD4 at the end of the list.

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Final D8000 or Abyss Diana Phi would be two on my list.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Oh if you find the extra :moneybag: then get a Chord Dave and that would be my end game headphone setup…Oh hang on Stax? lol.

You could try Rosso audio rad-0. I personally have no idea how they sound but they look stunning.

I just saw Resolve’s review of them yesterday. They aren’t my cup of tea. I’m not a fan of the splashy colors. But thanks for the suggestion.

I think I’m leaning more and more towards the Empyrean.

I own the Stellias and I am genuinely loving them. However, if you listen to metal I’d probably pass on them. That’s probably the only weak point I’ve heard. Not quite think enough for it.