Help me find a singer I vaguely remember

Genre: hip hop/rapper
Gender: female, white?
Voice type: “rapper like”, not melodic, spoken words kind
Appearance: baggy clothes, possibly dreads, Katy B style.
Possible affiliation: Benga, Magnetic Man, Katy B, Ms Dynamite

I vaguely remember the name Gavin, youtube is full of some boy child rapper.
I know it’s a long shot, but I had a song of her on youtube a long time ago and the video got removed, it was years ago.


Can’t help but… Magnetic Man is dope

Indeed, a rare occurence when a supergroup makes music as good as they did apart.

I don’t k.ow so I’m just gonna list off female lighter skinned rappers.
Iggy Azalea
Doja cat
Danielle bregoli
How old is the song? I cAn probably track her down that way

Ok sorry for the late reply.

Doja cat is similar in voice and maybe facial traits, but nothing else.
I don’t think it’s older than 5 years.

But she’s not the weird kind of hip hop. More like rap battle, good flow. Regular hip hop videos of people singing in front of the camera with a fountain in the back, shit like that.
Also I think she had crooked teeth maybe she was british, I forget.

Here’s what you can know and somehow familiar to you:

Singer: Liam Gallagher
Gender: Male, White
Voice Type: Raspy, Lennon-esque type of voice
Appearance: well known for his parkas
Affiliations: Oasis (formerly), Beady Eye (formerly), currently going with a solo career.

Lady sovereign?
Only one I know not into British Rap too much

Found this that’s similar

No luck so far, maybe it will pop up again eventually. Thanks for the help guys.


Nah, I think MIA is way too popular to miss or vaguely remember :smiley:

She’s also much older, I think who I’m looking for couldn’t have been older than 25, if even that.

Probably true. Just popped into my head.

What about Charlie and Craig Reid from the a group called The Proclaimers?

Deborah Harry does a pretty good rap on Rapture. :rofl:

Found her!

Random radio on Spotify, recognised the voice:

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Pretty good clue from the get go.

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This made me laugh out loud.

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