Help me find a splitter box for RCA


Well, I want something like this but with better quality (and better reviews)

Basically RCA in that splits it to 3x-4x outs. Could use cables, but a box would allow to keep the mess to minimum since I have plans to use one DAC signal for 3-4 amps.

Maybe someone can help :stuck_out_tongue:

Not cheap but sexy and can be run in reverse :+1:

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I own this and I like it. It will also allow you to have a second dac. Apparently it was designed in England and yet it’s not on UK Amazon for so reason

Maple tree audio sells one too, about the same price as the Decware one @Ohmboy listed

damn, why is such a simple device so expensive :smiley:

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A question to describe the entire hobby :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use a Niles AXP-1, they were made to order, and I don’t think they are available anymore but they were ~$100 or so.
As long as it’s passive, has a rotary switch, and the switch is decent, I wouldn’t worry too much about who makes it.

Guess I just use Y cables :smiley:

honestly if it’s just splitting once I would say you are totally okay with using splitter cables without quality loss. When you get to the point where you are splitting twice or more then you really want to look into a dedicated box of some sort with a switch.

the bad thing is it seems to be quite hard to find a affordable box that does this. most boxes i’ve seen also do the opposite, which is split multiple inputs to one output. rarely do i see boxes that split one input to multiple outputs.

Can’t pretty much any passive RCA switching device be run in reverse?

uh… maybe. i’m not sure, if that’s true then please disregard what I said previously LOL. if someone more knowledgeable could chime in that would be great.

if this is the case great because I will be looking into a box soon for my setup

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Everything can be used as an in and output. You can press the button to disconnect the device’s you are not using.
You can feed a Dac Into one RCA port and the other three rca are connected to different amps. You press the button for the amp you are using. The other devices are disconnected, so you don’t split the signal too much.
For sure you could feed an output Into your dac in reverse if you don’t connect it properly, but as long as you use the correct in and out on your amps its no problem.

Works fine for the price…
Probably not the best thing on earth but it’s allright…
Haven’t had an issue with quality loss while using it as a switch.

The key is it has to be passive, but works the same either direction

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i think this works if you just ignore the yellow in and out

Beresford Audio make quite a few different versions of this type of device.

would not be a issue if DACs had more RCA outputs :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobsound has a number of these for sale. They’ve made decent quality stuff in the past: