Help me find my next headphone combo

Can someone please help me choose a headphone combo? Or perhaps suggest one that I have not considered. Or if it would make sense to go used instead of new. I am either thinking of getting the Focal Clear OG with the RNHP amp or a Hifiman Arya with a cheaper amp or a Sennheiser HD800s with a cheaper amp. I really like the idea of the Focal Clear OG being well… clear. I currently own the HD6XX with a IFI Zen Can and am feeling the need to upgrade a big thing I don’t like about the HD6XX is what I believe is called the blob effect where audio only seems to come from the front and sides, not encompassing the entire surrounding. I also wouldn’t mind a little more bass. They would be used as my daily drivers, so for gaming and listening to music. I listen to pretty much everything except metal. The pricing for the headphones and the RNHP is as followed.
Focal Clear OG $1049 CAD
HD 800s $1799 CAD
Hifiman Arya $1799 CAD (Could drop as this is full price)
RNHP Amp $899 CAD

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hey Kasawra, the rule of thumb is that your whole sound chain should be of equivalent quality, so don’t go cheap on a new DAC / Amp as those headphones require something better than the Zen CAN to make them truly sing. will they work? most likely but they won’t have as much life as they could, which would have been the reason of having bought them.

have you looked at CanuckAudioMart for deals on used headphones? I buy from tehre frequently…well, had been, not for a while now, LoL, but I check it every day in case there’s something unbeatable.

also, what kind of music genre’s do you like listening too? perhaps there are other options you had not considered. I’m not sure why these are popping up in my head as a recommendation, but the Grado Hemp would be a good one I think. :slight_smile:

Think the combo clear + rnhp is Mon approved which goes a long way in this forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Otherwise I think the 800s won’t give you the bass improvement you’re searching for and the Arya could be good with better vertical soundstage but those will need a better source chain to get them really going like Marzipan did say ^^


Hello Marzipan, I have been checking CanuckAudioMart, I’ve seen some good deals oustide of my area but don’t want to deal with shipping. I am in Ontario and I’m new to the used scene, is there anything you would recommend doing if I am going to buy from someone else instead of a store? Also is there certain amps I should be looking for that go well with these headphones? How much better are the focal clear MG than the OG? The MG is going for $1599 new. I like pretty much any music except metal.